Comic News Insider Episode 695 – Heroes Con w/ Gabriel Ba/Fabio Moon/Francesco Francavilla/Ben Templesmith/Bridgit Connell!


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Jimmy attended Heroes Con over the weekend and boy howdy did he get a lot done! He moderated 2 panels and got 11 interviews. He flew solo and gave a nice Heroes Con recap for you to enjoy. Including info about the panels he moderated, interviews, people he met (including Jim Steranko!) and more. In this episode, you’ll hear him chat with the Wonder Twins Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon, Francesco Francavilla, Ben Templesmith and Bridgit Connell. Later this week, you can listen to the panel he moderated called Introverts vs Extroverts with Monica Gallagher, Bridgit Connell, Kata Kane and Erica Henderson. And even later this week, CNI will release a Heroes Con interview special with Bobby Timony, Brockton McKinney, Kevin Mellon, Nic Terhorst, Genevieve FT, Buzz, Anna-Liisa Jones, Haigen Shelley, and Jim Shelley. And then in next week’s podcast, the final Heroes Con interview with Brenden Fletcher will be available for your listening pleasure. Phew! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



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Event: Baltimore Comic Convention 2010

In this episode of the Dollar Bin Adam and Shawn discuss their experience of Baltimore Comic Convention 2010.  This show is broken up into 3-ish parts:  Pre Convention, Post Convention, and Interviews (not particularly in that order).  Topics of discussion include Steve Niles, Doug Wagner, lines, Francesco Francavila, Tony Harris, the Fillbach Brothers, Jim Shooter, Curls Studio, Richard Thompson, Jason Horn, and a butt load more.

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