Super Hero Speak – #289: Metaphorical Her

This week James Maddox returns to the podcast with artist Dave Stoll. Together with Dave they talk about their book Metaphorical Her. A comic that that gives us a new and fascinating way to look at storytelling.  Plus they talk Spider-Man: Into the SpidVerse and much, much more. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

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super Hero Speak – #137: 2015 Wrap Up

Join Ben, Dave and John as they take a look back on the year that was 2015. They talk about their favorite moments and interviews from 2015. The guys had a blast in 2015 and can’t wait for 2016. Happy New Year!


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Super Hero Speak – #133: James Maddox the 4th

This week Dave’s favorite independent writer and one of our favorite guests, James Maddox, makes a return to the podcast for a 4-peat! James catches up on everything he’s been working on and what he has coming out soon. Including a very special project with Image Comics! He also gives some great insight on what an aspiring writer should do that want’s to break into the comic book business. So sit back and enjoy the ramblings of James Maddox!


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Super Hero Speak – #85: The Mighty Four Skim 2014

This week the guys review the year that was 2014. They share their favorite movies, tv shows, geek moments and SHS moments of 2014. They also discus what thy are looking forward to in 2015. Dave, Ben, John and Pete wish you and yours Happy Holidays and a healthy and happy 2015. So sit back and enjoy and we will see you in 2015!


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Super Hero Speak – #51: SHS Year One

Celebrate good time come on! The very first Super Hero Speak was published on 4/25/2013, so we are celebrating our one year anniversary in style with… a clip show!?! We want to take this week’s episode to highlight some of the past guests and favorite moments we have had over the past year. We have had fun this year and hope to continue on as long as we can. A big thank you to all of our listeners over this past year and the best is yet to come. And if you are just joining us for the first time this week, this episode is the perfect jumping on point to get an idea of what we are all about.


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Super Hero Speak – #50: The Horror Show

This week Dave sits down with 2 great guests, our first 3rd time guest James Maddox and artist Todd Beistel. They are the creative team behind Broken Icon Comics “The Horror Show”. On the surface The Horror show appears to be another Zombie book, but this being a book from James Maddox things are not always what they seem. A great read and a great interview. With bonus Dave and Todd geek out over Agents of SHIELD. So sit back and enjoy!


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Super Hero Speak – #43: Blue Nemesis

This week you get 2 repeat guests for the price of one! That’s right Dave and John this week sit down with artist Steve Scott and writer James Maddox as they tell us all about their very first collaborative project Blue Nemesis, a new graphic novel with a classic Sci-Fi/Horror feel to it. These 2 are always great guests and when you get them together it makes for a really great episode. We hope you enjoy!


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Super Hero Speak – #24: James Maddox

This week Dave and John sit down with comic book writer James Maddox. James is a brilliant comic book writer who is current collaborating with artist Steve Scott on the brand new title Blue Nemesis. Look for this title coming your way soon.  But this interview was a lot of fun and we hope you enjoy.


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