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Kirby Lives!

The Comics Alternative‘s monthly webcomics series is back, and for October Sean and Derek discuss three intriguing titles. They begin with Righteous, written by Kevin Sheller and with art by Joseba Morales and colors by Gab Contreras. This is a narrative with a curious premise: What would happen if suddenly, everyone decided to do the right thing? The story focuses on Daniel, a risk analyst who is “touched” by a mysterious entity and then realizes that his work demeans human life and decides to commit himself to helping others. And his attitude becomes infectious.

Next, the Two Guys discuss a very recent webcomic (beginning in May), Laurence Dea Dionne’s Zen and the Ephemeral. It’s the story of Moé, a young woman suffering from depression who decides to spend ten days at a meditation retreat. The narrative is in its early stages — as of this recording, we’re still in the first chapter — but it reveals the various experiences and feelings that Moé goes through as she becomes acclimated to the retreat and its other participants.

Finally, Sean and Derek wrap up with an already completed webcomic, Tom Scioli’s American Barbarian. One of the first things that grabs the guys’ attention is the heavy influence of Jack Kirby on Scioli’s art. Both the character illustration and the kinetic action in the comic bear the stamp of the legend, and not in a derivative way. Scioli utilizes this influence in a way that propels the action forward, providing a story that is reminiscent of Kamandi and Conan the Barbarian. The guys spend a lot of time discussing Scioli’s art, but they also mention other webcomics on his website, such PrincessFinal Frontier, and his brand new biography of Jack Kirby.



Deconstructing Comics #565: “Mister Miracle” and comics journalism hype

Mister Miracle

DC recently launched a new Mister Miracle series, by Tom King and Mitch Gerads. Well and good, thought Emmet, but then he saw a certain CBR headline that set him off. “King and Gerads have redefined comics”? Hyperbolic much?

So Emmet recruited Kumar to review both Mister Miracle #1 and the hype surrounding it. Is the use of suicide in the story meaningful? Hackneyed? How accessible is this comic to readers who don’t know the character? And, why does everything in comics have to be super-hyped nowadays?

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Deconstructing Comics site

Longbox Review 125: Favorite Kirby Characters/Concepts

I wanted to celebrate Jack Kirby’s 100th birthday by talking about my favorite Kirby Characters/Concepts. What are your favorites? Please listen to Comic Geek Speak’s Episode 1633 – Spotlight on Jack ‘King’ Kirby Part One to find out more about Kirby’s life and career.

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Comic Book Central – Episode #170: Bill Mumy

It’s a good thing – a REAL good thing – when actor/musician/author/comic book kid Bill Mumy drops by to start off my celebration of the landmark sci-fi series, Lost In Space! Warning! Warning! Pop culture explosion imminent!
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Comic News Insider Episode 751 – CNI Jax Beach!

Comic News Insider: Episode 751 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Elektra Vol 4 #1, Highlander American Dream #1, Jim Henson’s Power of the Dark Crystal #1, Justice League of America Vol 5 #1, Agents of SHIELD

Jimmy returns to his home town of Jacksonville, FL and reunites the Jax Beach posse of Ashley Lanni and Ted Carruba. They chat about the nerd wins at The Oscars and Jimmy and Ashley go on about their love for both Zootopia and Moana.  News includes: IDW is publishing a Jack Kirby artist edition book, Matt Reeves WILL direct the solo Batman film, Chris McKay is in talks to direct a solo Nightwing movie, Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood returns to Image Comics in May, American Gods will debut on Starz in late April, Siri will pretend to be the Batcomputer from Lego Batman, and Logan will be the last hurrah for both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in their respective roles. Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



Comic News Insider

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Radio Free Asgard 249


This week we complete our coverage of Journey Into Mystery #102 from 1964…er…wait…no, it’s Thor: Son of Asgard #12 from 2005, but who can tell the difference? 😉 With Thor finally able to lift Mjolnir, he’s off to Hel to confront the EEEEEVIL Hela, and rescue the Lady Sif!

Comics in the Golden Age Mini Episode 6: Comics in the Silver Age

Comics in the Golden Age Mini Episode 6

Chris pulls an April Fool’s trick with this episode of Comics in the Silver Age, covering the introduction of SHIELD from Strange Tales 135.

The Comics in the Golden Age Podcast is available through iTunes and Stitcher, or at our website,

Comics in the Golden Age Podcast Episode 25: The Star Spangled Justice Society!

Comics in the Golden Age Episode 25

Chris and Mike celebrate the Justice Society’s 75th birthday with a breakdown of All Star Comics number 16!

The Comics in the Golden Age Podcast is available through iTunes and Stitcher, or at our website,

Radio Free Asgard 200


This is it, True Believers! Episode 200!! This time we discuss Avengers 2 & compare it with X-Men: DoFP – Then we have a look at two short stories from the Golden Age of comics, featuring Thor and Loki! Nuff said!

Deconstructing Comics #455: Streetwise


When Kumar was in Toronto in May and met up with Koom, one topic that came up was a 2000 anthology book called Streetwise, featuring autobiographical stories by a number of well-known comics artists (including Jack Kirby, Sergio Aragones, Paul Chadwick, Joe Kubert, John Severin & Roy Thomas, Walter Simonson, Rick Veitch, and Barry Windsor-Smith). This week, with Kumar back in Australia, they chat via Skype/phone about an overlooked book that’s worth a look.

Deconstructing Comics site

Radio Free Asgard 190


This week, it’s the Lee/Kirby Retrospective, as I give my thoughts on the entirety of the Stan Lee / Jack Kirby run, 1962 to 1970.

Super Hero Speak – #91: Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz

This week the Dave and John sit down with one of the best creative teams to ever work in comics, Tom Defalco and Ron Frenz! They talk about some of the highlights and best moments of their careers. They tell us all about Spider-Man, Thor and  of course Spider-Girl. Ron shares with us about how he came up with the design of Superman Blue and Tom shares with us the tale of how the Clone Saga came to be. Don’t groan at that last part, because without the Clone Saga the idea of Mayday Parker, Spider-Girl, would have never been born. Plus Tom gives us a new way of looking at Thor we never thought of before. So sit back, relax and enjoy one of the best conversations ever with 2 comic book giants!


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