Wayne’s Comics #100 With J.T. Krul And Scott Snyder

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It’s the 100th episode!

This time, I have a fun conversation with J.T. Krul, who has written many excellent tales, but most recently has been working on Superman Beyond, Jirni, Soulfire and a novel! We even talk a little bit about the recent Man of Steel movie, so be sure to listen in!

Then I give brief reviews of the books I thought were great that arrived in comics shops on Wednesday, August 11, followed by the latest  “News & Previews!”

Everything wraps up with a blast from the past … a portion of my interview with Scott Snyder from Episode 29 in which he discusses the life experiences that helped him become a writer and what he thinks about Batman makes him such a special character!


F BombCast 152: Dark Crap

Last episode we really catered to all you comic book geeks, now to please some of you movie geeks. We go on a slight rant about Dark Shadows. And by slight i mean more than half the episode. And by rant i mean utter disgust with the film maker and all those involved with the project. Denise will thrill the soul of all you trekkies as her e-mail is all DS9 all the time. Prometheus looks like the tits, and game of thrones not only looks like the tits but it also has them. Capping off this fantastic piece of audible awesomeness is a discussion of Captain Atom and BKV’s Saga. Enjoy!

Get it on iTunes, www.fbombcast.com or this little player right here:


Wayne’s Comics #48 With J.T. Krul, Popular Comics Scribe

This week’s Wayne’s Comics podcast has a terrific guest — J.T. Krul from Captain Atom, Green Arrow, Teen Titans, Fathom and the upcoming Superman Beyond, which will be starting in the Batman Beyond Unlimited comic in issue #3. We discuss a wide range of topics, so you won’t want to miss what he has to say!

Then your host Wayne Hall reviews this week’s comics, followed by Pete Casazza from Big Planet Comics in College Park, Maryland, talking about how February went in his popular store. Things conclude with Gianluca Glazer and Ian Cullen discussing this week’s ‘News & Previews.’

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