Super Hero Speak – #200: The Last Ragnarok

We know only one truth… the MCU keeps getting lighter as the DCEU delves farther into the dark side! This week the guys talk about the Last Jedi trailer along with the Thor Ragnarok trailer. Plus DC is going to put out R-rated animated features? All this and more, so sit back and enjoy! Follow Andrew on twitter: […]

Super Hero Speak – #197: The Cookie Paradox

This week the guys sit down and discuss the latest in Marvel and DC movie news. Including Joss Whedon to write and direct Batgirl, Sony sill planing to make a stand alone Venom film and a mind-breaker of a consumable oddity that may just reveal a fracture in the matrix code that is reality. Plus soo […]

Super Hero Speak – #184: I Am Rusty

This week the guys are joined by Rusty Gilligan (Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, The Avengers, Mac and Trouble) and Zack Howe (The Heir of Olympus and the Forest Realm). Together they discuss the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Spider-Man Homecoming trailers. Plus what is the future of DC movies? All this and more, […]

Super Hero Speak – #180: Doctor Stranger Things

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, It’s a Doctor Strange review! This week the guys sit down and review the latest Marvel Masterpiece Doctor Strange. Ben and Dave were real pumped after seeing the movie, but for some reason John turned into Eeyore, but he still enjoyed as well, we think. So sit back and enjoy […]

Super Hero Speak – #166: Connect Thor

This week the guys discuss all the amazing news and previews that came out of San Diego Comic Con 2016. Like the confirmation of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, the very promising teaser for Justice League and the mind blowing trailer for Wonder Woman. Plus we learn what Thor was up to during Civil War. This […]

Super Hero Speak – #165: Gotta Change Em All!

This week the guys talk about all the latest changes headed to us in the Marvel Universe, including deaths, retirements and the replacement characters. Plus are optometrist really expensive in the DC U, or are they just better in the Marvel U? And plus who is that mysterious speedster in the pics released from the […]

Super Hero Speak – #155: Captain America v Iron Man: Dusk of Civil Rivalries

This week the guys review the cinematic marvel that is Captain America: Civil War. Arguably the best Marvel movie to date the guys delve into the nuances of what makes this a great film, and of course there are comparisons to Batman v Superman. Sorry DC fans, Marvel got it right. So sit back and […]

Super Hero Speak – #151: James Schumacher Returns

This week James Schumacher returns to the podcast to talk movies, art, pain and of course ‎Inheritance: The Binding of Three. We might also offhandedly spoil 10 Cloverfield Lane and Battlefield Earth, sorry. But putting that aside this was a really great chat with James and we hope you enjoy! Inheritance on Twitter: Inheritance on Facebook: Inheritance […]

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Super Hero Speak – #108: Brad Linder Returns

This week Brad Linder (Firestorm comics, Catman Evolution) returns to the show to talk about some of his up coming projects. And he and the guys complain about stunts verses good writing in comics. They conclude good writing should be more important than stunts. So sit back and enjoy! Check out Firestorm Comics here: Follow them on […]

Super Hero Speak – #107: Greg Horn

This week Dave sits down with one of the most talented comic book artists of all time Greg Horn! Greg is known for his covers he’s done for She-Hulk, Emma Frost and Elektra. And today is the exclusive artist for the Gamestop variant covers released by Marvel, including the Death of Wolverine and The Amazing […]

Super Hero Speak – #104: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Here we go boys and girls, this week the guys sit down and review the movie that is Avengers: Age of Ultron. Be warned this episode is spoiler heavy so go see the movie before you listen if you don’t want spoilers. Ye have been warned! Enjoy! When the calendar is in the fifth month, And […]

Super Hero Speak – #70: Wakanda Wandered Aimlessly

This week the guys talk about the latest comic news and answer some burning question. Like Does DC really not want humor in their movies? Who should play Black Panther? And what happens when Dave and Dustin drink during the recording of an episode? According to Ben and John it ain’t pretty! So sit back, […]

The Undecideables Oddcast: ON-Decided

This week the crew discuss the changes to some of Marvel’s key characters as well as some Batman Vs. Superman news and their top 5s! Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:38:59 — 90.6MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Super Hero Speak – #44: H.E.R.B.I.E. Rides again!

Hey, we are the podcast of the month on, thank you to everyone that voted for us! This week Dave starts out by talking to Ben and John about his experience this past weekend at NY Comic Book Marketplace. While there he ran into Rich Buckler and they chatted about the use of his […]