F BombCast 160: Free Ballin’

A show so important, so monumental, so interesting, that i completely forgot to update all the sites and let you know that it is available for your aural orgasms. I forgot what the hell we talked about it must have been so awesome that my mind exploded. I know there is some music talk, movie talk, tv talk, and comic talk, so in other words something for all you assholes. Enjoy!

F BombCast 77: Bloody Tongues and Front Men

music, Music, MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with tongues extended and air guitar playing the boys delve deep into the psyche that is KISS as well as avenged Sevenfold and many more. Penis Mutilation is a topic of discussion as well as a wife’s love of Racial size. The Pacific, The Flash, The Spartacus… wait just Spartacus, got carried away there, all are discussed. Zombieland and the Hangover bring the funny and the episode is ended with The crowds roaring as the Frontmen of this group Get everyone clapping in sync, except for that one guy in back that can never ever clap in tune (Kevin i am looking at you.) The Top Five of Frontman in Music is discussed and defined. Enjoy! (Even the creepy mouth breathing and grunting of the closing music by mike is enjoyable)

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F BombCast 71: Her Name was Victoria Winters

Episode 71

This is It folks, One of the greatest episode ever put out by the dynamic trio. (Stop your snickering, we have put out some good shows in the past). We learn about how people pee at a urinal. We learn Kevin’s obsession with bald men. We learn that Mike is awesome (really we learn nothing new about mike so We just keep assuming his awesomeness.) Kevin Becomes Master of his domain while watching a show about blood thirsty vampires. Yes folks we go sort of in depth about the greatness that is Dark Shadows. Music is big as TJ trumps Mike’s rock show with a song off the Brand Spankin’ new Rob Zombie Album. Kevin is the only comic reader this week so he Opines all by himself about Didio’s Doom Patrol, Brubaker’s Captain American 602, and Starman 81. The show is rounded off with a list of Top 5 Favorite Villains. Enjoy!

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