W.I.P. # 183 – Digital vs. Paper

On this episode I catch up with new books, watch some NBA, think about the IPad mini & play a Thor game.

Two True Freaks! Episode 260 – Comics Monthly Monday #41


This month, the Freaks are back on format and spend the vast bulk of the episode desperately trying to bring some much needed attention to a neat little super-hero flick that just appeared outta nowhere, with no fanfare whatsoever, and could really use a box-office boost ’cause, strangely, absolutely no one seems to be talking about it.

The Freaky Five Returns! As does everybody’s FAVORITE segment — Get Chris To Read A Goddamn Super-Hero Comic!! What’s covered this month? Download the ****in’ thing and find out, fer chrissakes! I don’t slave over this shit for hours just so you can find out all the juicy bits in the blurb, y’know!



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Deconstructing Comics #281: eComics in Japan: G2 Comix catches the Big Three napping

Real MaidWhile the American comics publishers, and publishers in general, are making more and more content available digitally, the situation is quite different here in Japan. The traditional manga publishers — Shueisha, Kodansha, and Shogakukan — have been very slow to embrace the digital market.

This week we meet Masanori Kinomiya, Representative Director and President of DML. DML offers services to convert print comics to digital formats, and has created the G2 Comix line of original manga titles. G2 is doing well in Japan (where 80% of ebooks are comics!), and around the world in a variety of languages. So why are the Big Three (and Japanese publishers in general) still putting out little or no electronic content? Kinomiya-san explains to Tim.

Read DML’s company profile PDF, including statistics on ebook readership in Japan and a look at some G2 Comix titles.

See photos below the jump.

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Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 101 – Jason’s Long Box

The Backroom team discusses the latest comic news, takes a look at the issue of variant covers, and browse through Jason’s childhood long box.

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The Next Issue 49: 2010, a look back

The Next Issue Podcast

In this double sized issue, the guys look back on 2010 and everything that went on in geekdom.

We start off by reviewing Tron: Legacy, new games for the iPad, net neutrality, as well as some of the best in gaming, movies, and technology.

Join us as we look back at some of the highs and lows of this year and as we discuss upcoming trends of 2011

Email us at thenextissue@yahoo.com

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 139 (9/12/10)

Such a great week for comics! Pick Of The Week goes to Bryan Q. Miller & Lee Garbett for Batgirl #14 (DC)! Fast Five picks include American Vampire #6 (Vertigo), Green Lantern #57 (DC), The Thanos Imperative #4 (Marvel), Daytripper #10 (Vertigo), and Batman And Robin #14 (DC).

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Deconstructing Comics #239: Comixology

Comixology.com, which first appeared as a comics information site with pull lists, surprised a lot of people when it branched into selling major-publisher comics for the iPhone. Says CEO David Steinberger: “A lot of people see this as transforming; we see it as following our business plan.” This week Steinberger talks to Tim about formatting print comics for electronic viewing, why electronic comics are not a threat to print, and the possibility of e-rotic e-comics.

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Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 72 – Digital Censorship

The Backroom Podcast crew tackle the issue of digital censorship in response to recent moves by Apple, and then they share what comics they’ve been reading lately.

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The Next Issue 36: Hangovers, Comics, and Megan…

The Next Issue Podcast

IN this very full episode, Kevin’s Adevntures takes us to Vegas, then the guys talk about the endings for Lost and 24 and how there will be nothing to watch next season. The guys debate if changing Spider-man’s race is the right thing to do. The WWDC is discussed. In 1st Impressions, Kev and Aitch talk about Red Dead Redemption, why you should stay away from Alpha Protocol and play Blur instead. (Megan Fox’s Toe Thumb) Comics reviewed are Avengers 1, Garrison #2, Thor 610. We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as the guys did recording.

Backroom Comics Podcast Web-Exclusive: iPad Comics Apps Round-Up

Greg shares his insight into the first generation of iPad comic apps that are available. In this segment he includes a discussion of Comic Zeal, ComiXology (and the Marvel App) and iVerse. Stay tuned a future segment once Longbox and Graphic.ly launch their iPad apps. If you have any thoughts about this segment, please stop by the Backroom Comics Podcast site and share them.

The Next Issue 33 Part I: iPad Frenzy

The Next Issue Podcast

IN part one of The Next Issue 33, Aitch and Elden discuss The Hughes Brothers, Jim Lee finishing All Star Batman and the new Iron Man trailers tangling the webs. Next Aitch interviews Peter from Big Planet Comics and talks about how comics and mainstream media is affecting the customer base.  Aitch and Will then give you all the iPad impression that you can take and talk about the future of tablet computing.

The PKD Black Box – Episode #16: Andy Jewett & The Fall of Autotune.

In this weeks episode Shawn has an one-on-one conversation with creator/artist Andy Jewett about his comic “Sicko” & is then joined by co-host Jon Carroll & special guest Julian Lytle as they discuss the iPad, the state of urban music, ninjas & more!

The PKD Black Box is a proud member of the Comics Podcast Network.


SuperShow Approved – www.supershowapproved.com

Andy Jewett – www.andyjewett.com

Julian Lytle – ants.julianlytle.com

The State of R&B Music – http://www.thegrio.com/opinion/technology-killed-the-talent-in-urban-music.php

The Moose is a moron – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/01/22/whites-only-basketball-le_n_433275.html

Ninja Kitchen – http://www.ninjakitchen.com/

The iIssue 29: The iBlizzard Edition

The Next Issue Podcast


This issue is filled with issues, Comcast kicks Elden and Neil the Cynical Reviewer has a wife to answer to. But somehow trudging through this ‘blizzard’ we manage to discuss the iPad and its implications to the consumer PC market, OnLive beta updates and how gaming can affect your relationship. In First Impressiosn we discuss The Book of Eli, Mass Effect 2 and what’s on TV, Lastly we review Captain America 6, Green Lantern 50 and Kick @ss 8. So stay tuned and we apologize for the glitches!!!