Alternate Reality – Episode 395

Alternate Reality – Episode #395

After a week off Jon and Charlie are back with another jam-packed episode.  We’re covering two weeks’ worth of books tonight.  The boys start off with a very thoughtful email from longtime friend of the show Matthew Kaiser.  Then they go thought a bevy of books from Darth Vader to Justice League and everything in between.

Next, we spend some time talking about the latest Kickstarter project from Jimmy Palmiotti and they guys and girls over at Paperfilms.  This new project is a mature graphic novel featuring nudity, sex, guns, violence, and death.  What’s not to love?  This in-your-face adventure called “Killing Time in America” was a fantastic read and Jon gives us a glimpse of what makes the book so special.

Lastly Jon and Charlie talk about San Diego Comic Con, all the movie trailers that came out, as well as DC’s new steaming service.

It’s a huge Elvis themed rocking good time on the week’s Alternate Reality,…. Enjoy!!!


Darth Vader Annual #2
Justice League Dark #1
Saga #54
Infinity Wars Prime #1
The Terrifics #6
Killing Time in America OGN

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Alternate Reality – Episode 384

Alternate Reality – Episode #384

Ladies and gentlemen, Alternate Reality is back!!!! That’s right; in our first episode of what can only be described as “not our first comeback” we breathe new life into the show…… wait, this seems eerily familiar….. OH YEA, that was exactly what we wrote in the show notes of our previous episode,…. the last great Alternate Reality comeback.

Well we’re not making a big deal of things this time around.  Just Jon and Charlie keeping things low-key and talking about the new Avengers movie.  Who knows we might hang around this time.  Don’t hold your breath……


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Arc Reactions – 96 – Avengers Infinity War (film)

Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!

We talk about Avengers: Infinity War, the latest film from Marvel Studios. Topics include the infinity stones, the characters, and the humor.

As Mentioned

Arc Reactions – 84 – Thor: Ragnarok (film)
Arc Reactions – 76 – Paknadel and Trakhanov’s Turncoat

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Our next episode will be Arc Reactions 97 – Bloodshot Reborn on May 13th

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Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #163: Loki: The Dark World… with Thor

Episode #163

On this podcast we review Thor: The Dark World. You know, that movie that stars Tom Hiddleston. Then we talk more Marvel live action with the Disney/Netflix announcement, and some DC Comics TV. Listen in! Verily!


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