F BombCast 120: Keeping Up with the Cardassians

This episode proves that the more F Bombers = the more better F Bombers. Come enjoy as we relive the shit that was the halftime show of not only this year but of past super bowls. Kevin Dreams of a day where a chinese mistress will make him an eggroll as he bangs Natalie Portman in the next room. Our fan Denise offers her take on the enterprise crew with what can only be called an inspired trek e-mail (or extremely geeky, but if you think that you are listening to the wrong show. Eric Powell is a douchebag who like to generalize and doesn’t truly understand satire, or if he does he likes to use it as an excuse if too many are offended by what he has to say. Dark Shadows is fully discussed and Comics are spoken of. What comics you may ask? Well let me tell you some. Rat Catcher, Weird Worlds of DC, Mystery Society, Superboy, Grimms Fairy Tales: Myths & Legends, Spawn 201, among many more (holy shit i have a horrible memory) Enjoy!

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V for Vertigo, Episode 85: Welcome to Hollywood!

Believe it or not, I met a very pretty and nice actress, Laura Allen, the day of recording. She’s not that famous but she is good in her roles and you’ve probably seen her work. I then talk about two movies I recently seen, Inception and Scott Pilgrim. One of those was good. Spoiler alert.

Lastly, you can hear me trip over my own tongue as I finish the series and try to explain the trippy and Biblical, Testament: Exodus (Douglas Ruskhoff, Liam Sharp) and of course, mispronounce things.

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The Next Issue 39: …more EPIC than Love Jones


The Next Issue Podcast

** As promised there IS a show!**
In issue 39, the guys discuss the Baltimore Comic Con coming in August, David Finch’s new Batman gig, Elden discusses info on the new Fright Night remake and the guys talk about the possibility of the Old Spice Guy becoming Luke Cage. In What’s Tangling the Webs, we talk about the Machete trailer as well as the new photos from the Thor and Green Lantern movies. In 1st Impressions, Kevin telss us why he thinks that Inception was such a good mind f*ck and why it’s Oscar worthy. Aitch gives us a better late than never review of Toy Story 3 and then Predators. In Comic Reviews, Kev reviews The Boys 44, Aitch talks about Batman and Robin 13 and Amazing Spider-Man 637 and recommendations this week are Chew 12, The 6th Gun by Oni Press, Stuff of Legends vol II and a few others.