Image Addiction – Episode 32

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Show Notes

Welcome back to the show!  This episode we talk a little news with an update on Image United you may not know about, Memoir #1 selling out, and the unfortunate end to Shadowhawk.

Then we jump in to new releases and discuss Artifacts #5, Skullkickers #5, Invincible #77, Spawn #201, Twilight Guardian #1, Proof Endangered #2, and Witchblade #142.

And to close out the show we take a brief look at the April 2011 solicitations and highlight some of the books we’re looking forward to seeing.


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F BombCast 118: Marvel Math 4=3

Mike is boycotting the Oscars for their inherent hispanic racism in not nominating Machete for best picture (and that being the only selection). So TJ and Kev bring you girl talk about sex and the city and the nanny, well TJ does but Kev tires his damnedest to inject some balls back in the show. Marvel shows how retarded they really are by having a book called the Fantastic Four that only has three members, for now. Monkey brings us into a great discussion on our fantasy crew aboard the Enterprise. Carpica is discusses and Rick Berman is denounced yet again. The little Ewok that is George Lucas is dismissed and comics are spoken of. We have Starman and Congorilla, We got some Shadow Hawk, hell we even have some manga with Urasawa’s Monster. Plus much more, Give it a listen i think you will enjoy!

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Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 101 – Jason’s Long Box

The Backroom team discusses the latest comic news, takes a look at the issue of variant covers, and browse through Jason’s childhood long box.

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Image Addiction – Episode 25

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–Show Notes–

Welcome back to another exciting episode of the show!

00:00:20 – Opening Comments
00:04:35 – Image in the News

00:11:19 – New Release Reviews
00:12:18 – Image United #3
00:19:30 – the Light #5
00:22:11 – Guarding the Globe #1
00:31:45 – Invincible #74
00:38:32 – Savage Dragon #163
00:45:22 – Nancy in Hell #2
00:55:27 – Angelus #5
01:04:00 – Proof #28
01:14:04 – Magdalena #3

01:22:23 – November 2010 Solicitations

01:37:58 – Morning Glories #1 Contest Winner Announced

01:42:42 – Closing Comments


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F BombCast 63: Imagine a Good Image Crossover, I Wonder if you can?

FBC Shirt3

Anger and Torment is in this episode. Find out some of the secrets of the universe such as: What color Toga Kevin would wear? What is the special Flavoring in Yemenis Coffee? What is the most feminine Starbucks drink order ever? All these and more are answered in this show. We get all hot and heavy over Comics. TJ gets so angry he just started to read old Flash comics. The Silver Age is and always shall be King and all who disagree can go screw. (again another clue as too who types these things). Tempers calm as mike tries to talk some movies, but then all turns red over Image United. Other comics discussed, Haunt #1, PunisherMax #1, and Jonah Hex #50.

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Comic Couch 71

Oh Those Nostalgic 90’s!

What a fun show! The ‘Couch gang is all back together and we are back on a normal schedule. This episode was recorded earlier today. That means that we reviewed books that shipped today. Spoilers ahoy!

Books Reviewed

Worlds Finest #2
Image United #1
Uncanny X-men #517

Music By The Dropkick Murphys, and Wall of Voodoo.

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