Comics Alternative Interviews: Back with Howard Shapiro

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Nazis in the Bathroom Just below the Stairs

A common theme in Howard Shapiro’s stories is the significance of music. His first graphic novel, The Sterotypical Freaks, revolved around competing high school bands and how that competition and their dedication to the music defined each member’s life. In his latest book, Queen of Kenosha (Animal Media Group), music once again takes center narrative state. It’s the story of young singer-songwriter from Wisconsin, Nina Overstreet, who comes to New York City in the early 1960s to make it on the folk scene. What she unexpectedly finds is espionage and ideological conspiracy. Whereas in his earlier Forever Friends series of graphic novels Howard wedded music to hockey as the backdrop for his stories, here in Queen of Kenosha — the first book in what he’s calling The Thin Thinline Trilogy — he uses music within the context of geopolitical intrigue. In this conversation, Derek talks with Howard about the impetus behind his latest project, the importance of music to his storytelling, the kind of research he conducted to set the historical stage, and his plans for following up on his songwriting protagonist. Howard was on the podcast a couple of years ago when Hockey Karma was released, and it was nice to touch base with him again and discuss his subsequent work.

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #247: Howard Shapiro

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Hockey Karma, Howard Shapiro, Hockey Saint, Stereotypical freaks, Jake, hockey, Tom Leonard, Jeremiah Jacobson, Animal Media Group

It’s Episode 247, and that signals the return of Howard Shapiro, who has written a series of graphic novels on the subject of friendship, and they even include hockey! Hockey Karma, the third book, will be out in early November, but you can order the first two in the series now and pre-order the upcoming volume! We discuss the characters, what hockey has to do with all this, friendship, celebrity, and what Howard has in mind for the future! To order this new book, you can go to this link or head to Amazon and pre-order it here. These books come highly recommended by yours truly, so don’t miss this entertaining conversation and the series that started it all!


Wayne’s Comics Podcast #144 With Howard Shapiro From ‘The Hockey Saint’

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Stereotypical Freaks, Hockey Saint, Jeremiah Jacobson, Tom Leonard, Howard Shapiro, Animal Media Group, graphic novel

I love variety in my reading, and this week you’re going to hear about a great graphic novel called The Hockey Saint, coming in October from creator Howard Shapiro, who I chat with during this episode.

Here’s the book’s description: “Twenty-one year old Jeremiah Jacobson is the world’s best hockey player, but he wasn’t prepared for the frenzy and scrutiny that came with that title. Tom Leonard is an average college sophomore … just a guy trying to find his place in the world as he sorts through issues that are both very real and seemingly insurmountable. Through a chance meeting, these two strike up an unlikely friendship. Their bond is tested when Tom discovers that his idol isn’t as perfect up close as he seems from afar.”

If you aren’t a big hockey fan, don’t worry – this book primarily focuses on friendship, one of my favorite subjects!  Available on October 14, The Hockey Saint can be pre-ordered in the States at Amazon at this link or through Animal Media Group, its publisher, here!  Don’t miss it!

You can read more about Tom Leonard in Mr. Shapiro’s previous graphic novel, The Stereotypical Freaks, available at Amazon by clicking here.

Next week, there’ll be yet another fun chat with a great comics creator as we count down to episode #150!