Interview: Mark Waid and Peter Krause at HeroesCon 2010

     Welcome to the Dollar Bin’s annual HeroesCon discussion between Brian and Mark Waid.  This year includes special guest Peter Krause, artist on Irredeemable.  Listen, learn, and enjoy.

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Discussion: HeroesCon 2010 Wrap-Up


    About a month ago the Dollar Bin attended HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC.  A couple weeks after they got together with HeroesCon staff and attending profesionals Jason Latour and Chris Brunner to discuss the experience.  This is their tale.

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HeroesCon 2010 Panel: All Star Super Panel with Scott Adsit & Co

     30 Rock’s Scott Adsit isn’t just an actor on shows like 30 Rock and Tenacious D, he’s also a creator of Adult Swim’s Moral Orel and the upcoming Frankenhole, and he’s a huge comics fan too. You’ll see just how big when he sits down with some of comics leading lights, including J. Scott Campbell, Adam Hughes, and Mark Brooks—and the odds of more surprise guests are pretty high. Whatever the panel ends up being about, we’re not sure, but it’s sure to be hilarious—these guys are all hysterical. Don’t miss it!

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HeroesCon 2010: Tim Sale and Scott Hampton

     Tim Sale (Daredevil: Yellow, Superman Confidential) and Scott Hampton (Nemesis, Simon Dark) are master painters and artists with enormously influential bodies of work. The Comics Reporter’s Tom Spurgeon sits down with them to talk about image-making and ideas of art in comics.

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