Comic Book Savant Episode 177: Comics Talk: Top Ten Short Run Comic Series

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This week I wanted to count down some of my favorite Comic Book series that didn’t have the longest run (Less than 50 issues), but where still quality stories. So sit back relax and listen to the countdown and hopefully you will find some new series to seek out and read. Enjoy!

Comic Book Savant Episode 146: Creator Spotlight: Fred Van Lente

This week I do a creator spotlight on one of the most underrated writers in comics today Fred Van Lente. I will talk about his history in comics, the projects he has worked on. Enjoy!

F BombCast 131: Burnt by Fear Itself

You know what is in the news and not talked about by anyone else, The DC reboot. What is that you say? You say that this has been discussed ad nauseum by everyone on the internets, and even us last week? Oh well did those other shows talk about teen girls and wonder woman’s love of big black cock? Didn’t think so. Green Lantern, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and Gossip Girl, No you are not listening to the Comic Queers, stay with me here. Flashpoint and the tie ins are discussed as well as Kevin wanting to cum on asian woman. Kevin has a strange greeting when he meets hot young girls, come learn more. Also discussed is Herc, Birds of Prey, Zatanna, and Invincible. Enjoy!


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Comic Book Savant Episode 98: Trade Talk: Secret Avengers Vol. 1: Mission To Mars HC

This week it is review central and it is all about Marvel Comics. I do a Trade Talk in-depth review of Secret Avengers Vol. 1: Mission To Mars HC plus review Herc #2 and Moon Knight #1. I get side tracked and remember the old days of the show in my preparation for episode 100 and do some shout outs too. Enjoy!

Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 117 – A New Justice League

The Backroom team review some comics, discuss the complexity of the DC Universe timeline, and give an update on the latest happenings from the Justice League.

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