Ultimate Facepalm 73: Punisher End of Days, Animal Man Annual Review and right in our Moriarty!



A bit of a downer before bringing you the upper. But isn’t that what life is all about?



G Money’s slow turn on phone technology

Superfluous electronic dealies on EVERYTHING!

Tranny Technology

Blind drivers

“Archie Martin Vox sign discovered on latest city dig”


UFP Crew Questions

–          Robert Tuffs strikes back!!!

–          Elysium looks INCREDIBLE!

–          Harrison Ford joining The Expendables 3

–          Chris Brown was a musician?

–          The 13 regenerations of Doctor Who

–          Happy Birthday for Michael “Boobs” Malone on August 10th!

–          Which is the best Venom?

–          Yes, Green Team IS a terrible idea

–          DC holding out for money



Queensland MP Peter Dowling a.k.a. Wine-Schlong!


Nerd News (@ 1 hr 14 mins)

–          Star Trek 3 scripting soon and NO Damon Lindelof!

–          Punisher End Of Days series scheduled for the end of the year release (we hope!)

–          Gerry Dugan on Nova while Zeb Well is off the title

–          Congrats to Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner getting hitched!


–          Animal Man Annual

EPW State of Origin with special shout out to Dancin’ Lukey Bolland and “He’s a Nice Guy” Dan Moore

–          Muppet Sequel is looking pretty good

–          A LOOOOOOOONG wait for Street Fighter 5

–          Xbox is outing jerks and trolls!

–          Simpsons Lego series

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 5/22/13

Chris Burnham, this is not Ame-Comi. Anime Batman = DO NOT WANT. We take our masculine men in tights very seriously around here.

This episode is dedicated to Geoff Johns, who breathed new life into a character we thought was long gone. We, Hal Jordan, and the entire Corp thank you.

This week we review:
The Green Team #1 (1:35)
Batman Incorporated #11 (3:10)
Talon #8 (6:00)
The Flash #20 (8:15)
Aquaman #20 (10:18)
The Superior Spider-Man #10 (14:06)
Deadpool #10 (16:32)
Justice League #20 (18:10)
Justice League Dark #20 (21:36)
Green Lantern #20 (Geoff Johns final issue.) (24:08)