The Grawlix Podcast #43: Canadian Variant

Randy and Jesse discuss Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 1, Jesse schools Randy on WrestleMania and then the two switch sides on an Iron Fist Season 1 review. A rare “quick turnaround” episode which means virtually unedited… Enjoy! Show Notes and Links INTRO 00:00:00 – Intro/Greetings IN-HOUSE NEWS 00:04:10 – Gift from the Roman Pod […]

The Grawlix Podcast #42: John Everyman’s Bone

The Grawlix Podcast discusses Jeff Smith’s ‘Bone Vol. 1: Out From Boneville‘ and more! Enjoy! Show Notes and Links INTRO 00:00:00 – Intro/Greetings IN-HOUSE NEWS 00:03:02 – Jesse and Randy on The Doctor Who Show 00:06:39 – Jesse on The Two-Headed Nerd 00:07:13 – More Format Changes? POLL LIST 00:13:59 – Next Month’s Pick – […]

The Grawlix Podcast #41: Neo Steam Cyber Clone Punk

It’s the second 3rd anniversary episode of the Grawlix Podcast! The G-Crew put down the comics to talk about the original 1995 anime ‘Ghost in the Shell’ and more. Show Notes and Links INTRO 00:00:00 – Intro/Greetings IN-HOUSE NEWS 00:01:08 – Our 2nd 3rd anniversary episode, 1996 – the future, and clones. FEATURE TOPIC 00:08:32 […]

The Grawlix Podcast #40: Fancy Gains

On this episode the Grawlix Podcast discusses The Tick, Netflix’s Crazyhead and realize they forgot it’s the show’s 3 year anniversary. Enjoy! Show Notes and Links INTRO 00:00:00 – Intro/Greetings IN-HOUSE NEWS 00:01:12 – Randy’s 2nd Guest Apperance on the Grindbin Podcast 00:08:58 – Slap A Grawlix On It Video Series POLL LIST 00:11:05 – […]

The Grawlix Podcast #39: Roomba Uprising in Hell

Hell Month continues with a discussion of the crowd-funded dark comedy graphic novel ‘Our Friend Satan‘. Jesse and Randy also ponder the production details of Netflix original series, discuss a few video games, and allude to the political post apocalypse. Keep fighting against that Roomba uprising and enjoy! Show Notes and Links INTRO 00:00:00 – […]

The Grawlix Podcast #38: Hel Month

It’s just the boys this episode for the girl power love ballad that is Angela: Queen of Hel Welcome to FUNderworld. They also discuss Randy’s recent appearance on Grindbin, Dustin Smother’s recent appearance on Grawlix & Jesse’s daily entries in the #30DayComicChallenge. Enjoy! Show Notes and Links INTRO 00:00:00 – Intro/Greetings 00:04:07 – This Episode’s Topics […]

The Grawlix Podcast #37: Old Tom’s Blue Mold Abduction

This episode the Grawlix Podcast goes on a post-apocalyptic Nordic adventure with the return of Webcomic Recommendations and Stand Still, Stay Silent. They then get divided in a way that has never happened before with the long overdue Invisibles Book 1 review. The show wraps up with a Doctor Who: Return of Doctor Mysterio Christmas Special […]

The Grawlix Podcast #36: Mean Tweets at Thor

Happy New Year! The G-Crew announce their big release schedule change, look back at their 2016 resolutions, set new 2017 goals and review Thor Vol. 1: Goddess of Thunder. Certainly nothing controversial could come up in this episode, right? Enjoy! Show Notes and Links INTRO 00:00:00 – Intro/Greetings IN-HOUSE NEWS 00:05:02 – New Grawlix Podcast […]

The Grawlix Podcast #35: Poor Man’s Steven Seagal

The Grawlix Podcast is bewitched by Scott Snyder & Jock’s Wytches Vol. 1 and disenchanted by the Suicide Squad Extended Cut. Show Notes and Links INTRO 00:00:00 – Intro/Greetings SHOUT-OUTS 00:04:54 – Awesome Sunday Show on the Electronic Media Collective Podcast Network POLL LIST 00:09:05 – Next Month’s Pick: Thor Vol. 1 – Goddess of […]

The Grawlix Podcast #34: Cinnamon Chicken

This episode we discuss Preacher Vol. 1 (issues #1-7), The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, and Jesse recounts his experiences at the recent Time Eddy II Doctor Who convention in Wichita Kansas including meeting Peter Davison. Enjoy! Full show notes and more: Support the show on Patreon:   The Grawlix Podcast Links  […]

The Grawlix Podcast #33: Rotten Tornadoes

On this year’s Halloween episode the boys brave the airwaves alone! Randy and Jesse ponder their Suicide Squad apathy, discuss Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1, pitch their ideal horror comics, and realize Melanie is the show’s anchor. In the recently returned Recent Reads segment Jesse proclaims you’ve got to have Faith and Randy confesses his current […]

Grawlix Bytes #8: Dive into the DC with Robert Cast

This episode Randy is joined by guest Robert Cast of the Roman Pod and Cast show. It’s all DC, all the time as the two discuss their thoughts on the DC Rebirth titles thus far as well as the DC CW television shows. Robert walks us through a whole host of titles, Randy gets hung up […]

Grawlix Bytes #7: Spawn S01E01 Commentary & More

This Grawlix Bytes Jesse and Randy try something a little different. A commentary track for the first episode of the late ’90s HBO animated series ‘Todd McFarlane’s Spawn‘. Bust out your baggy jeans and sister’s stolen black makeup because it’s about to get dark, edgy, gritty… it’s about to get ’90s! The boys also discuss […]

The Grawlix Podcast #31: Flash-by Psycho Pirating

This episode the Poll List pick, Crisis On Infinite Earths, dominates our heroes like an Anti-Monitor that just won’t stay down. The G-Crew talks about their recent live appearances from Facebook Live shows and crossover specials to convention panel podcasts. Jesse runs through his O Comic Con 2016 experience and the crew rounds out the […]

The Grawlix Podcast #30: Jedi Pimp

On this episode of The Grawlix Podcast the G-Crew put forth their most negative review ever! They discuss this month’s Poll List pick, Star Wars: Dark Empire I from Dark Horse. They also bid farewell to the Dead Air segment with a final review of the harrowing The Walking Dead Vol. 8: Made To Suffer. […]