Grawlix Nights #11: Jarrod Steenblock of One Stop Comics

On this episode of the Grawlix Podcast interview series Jesse sits down with Jarrod Steenblock, owner operator of One Stop Comics in Fremont, Nebraska, for an early morning Grawlix Nights! (Yeah, you read that correctly!) Originally streamed live to our Facebook page they discuss owning a comic book store, comic books, gaming and taking the road less traveled. Enjoy!

You can watch the original Facebook Live video interview here.

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Grawlix Nights #10: Vince Dorse

Grawlix Nights CPNOn this episode of the Grawlix Podcast interview series Randy is joined by Untold Tales of Bigfoot creator Vince Dorse. You can hear us praise the heartwarming (and at times heartbreaking) adventures of a lonely Sasquatch and a lost dog way back in The Grawlix Podcast #3. Naturally we jumped at the chance to talk to Vince about what inspired Untold Tales of Bigfoot and his Kickstarter campaign to fund a the first physical collected volume of the award winning webcomic.


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Grawlix Nights #9: Pete Mitchell

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The Grawlix Podcast returns with another interview episode and this time our guest is Pete Mitchell of No More Kings! Pete discusses his music with No More Kings, this upcoming solo albums, his new webcomic ‘Critical Hit‘ and his nerdy influences. We also talk about exciting superhero media, video games, and much more. Enjoy!

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Grawlix Nights #8: John Mueller

Grawlix Nights CPNOn this episode of the Grawlix Nights interview series we are joined by John Mueller, author and illustrator of OINK: Heaven’s Butcher and game developer. We talk about his Kickstarter for the ultimate collector’s edition of OINK, his history as a graphic novelist, his video game Skyshine’s Bedlam, his life as a heart throb teenage ninja, and more!  Enjoy!

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Grawlix Nights #5: Musings Of A Shibe

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On this episode The Grawlix Podcast is joined by special guest Hiroja Shibe, host of the Musings Of A Shibe Podcast!  We talk Daredevil on Netflix, the CW’s Arrow and The Flash, The Walking Dead, the Game of Thrones leak, and more television.  The discussion is free flowing and conversational moving from comics and television to social media and horror movies! It is a massively packed episode and a great conversation. Enjoy!

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Grawlix Nights #4: The Technology Geek Crossover

Grawlix Nights CPN

Grawlix Nights is back for a giant sized episode with special guest Brandon Lipani, host of The Technology Geek Podcast! Brandon joins the whole Grawlix crew to talk Nightwing, Arrow, and more. Topics include a bit of shop talk, a bit of comic talk, and a WHOLE bunch of randomness from Demolition Man to The Matrix Trilogy to Full House. It is a crazy good time, enjoy!

Everyone is Nightwing!


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Grawlix Nights #1: Origins Revisited

Grawlix Nights CPN

The Grawlix Podcast presents Grawlix Nights, a companion to the monthly show! Originally posted as “YouTube Exclusive” bonus episodes the Nights series has turned out too good not to make available for download. This month we will be releasing all three existing episodes through the podcast feed, iTunes, Stitcher, and where ever else you might find the regular show.

In episode 1 we learn more about our more elusive co-host, Melanie. We discuss her comic book reading origins as well as her advice on where to start for new readers. Then we discuss some possible YouTube shows #IfTheFuture and wrap it up with a fun ‘It’s All Pizza’ segment. Enjoy!

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