Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #243: Luke Cage! Legends of Tomorrow! Supergirl! The Flash!

It’s all TV on this podcast as we talk Luke Cage, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and fan favorite Legends of Tomorrow. We could use a few more comic book shows. Listen in! Check out all of our NYCC 2016 cosplay pics here. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 39:26 — […]

Super Hero Speak – #174: A Cage-y Proposition

This week the guys talk about The Tick and Agent’s of SHIELD premiers. Also they discuss the rumors that a certain Marvel vigilante might be making an appearance on Agents. Plus Dave has a wish for this season of Agents that no one wants to see be fulfilled. Finally John tries to start a rumor that […]

Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #242: Stan “Action” Lee! Civil War! Ghost Rider! Revolution!

On this podcast we talk about the newest action star: Stan Lee. Then we review the coming of Ghost Rider on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the “death” in Civil War #5 and Revolution #1. Listen in! What did you think of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Head over to our podcast Facebook page and let us know. […]

Super Hero Speak – #166: Connect Thor

This week the guys discuss all the amazing news and previews that came out of San Diego Comic Con 2016. Like the confirmation of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, the very promising teaser for Justice League and the mind blowing trailer for Wonder Woman. Plus we learn what Thor was up to during Civil War. This […]

Super Hero Speak – #163: The Spider Corps

Brian Cranston is a floating head, Marvel does some ‘Merica flag waving with the U.S. Avengers and DC Rebirth gives us multiples of everyone! All this plus Tom Felton brings his magic to The Flash and these Ghost Rider on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. rumors will not go away! All this and so much more on this […]

Super Hero Speak – #162: JK the Sailorman

As the guys discuss the latest in Marvel and DC news they are shocked by the transformation JK Simmons has gone through to play commissioner Gordon.  As Ben puts it, “He has Popeye arms!” Why has he gotten so ripped to play Gotham’s top law man? We don’t know but maybe he has to go […]

Arc Reactions – 53 – Ghost Rider: Road To Damnation

We tackle the Spirit of Vengeance with Ghost Rider – Road to Damnation. We are joined by our friend Cade Reynolds and dissect this mini-series where Ghost Rider battles the forces of heaven and hell. Talking points ————– BAD THINGS ———- Ghost Rider’s presence does not effect the outcome of the story (4:47) Methods of […]

He’s Got Issues #156.1: Marvel Comics, 1/14/15

MARVEL COMICS All-New Captain America #3 All-New Ghost Rider #10 All-New Ultimates #12 Amazing X-Men #15 Avengers #34.2 Avengers #40 Captain Marvel #11 Cyclops #9 Daredevil #12 Deadpool #40 Deathlok #4 George Romero’s Empire Of The Dead Act Two #5 (Of 5) Guardians 3000 #4 Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble Season Two #3 Miles Morales Ultimate […]

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 8/20/14

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 8/20/14 Yes, we’re talking about Captain Carrot. This week we review: Magneto # 8 All-New Ghost Rider # 6 Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman # 1 Batgirl # 34 The Multiversity # 1 Justice League United # 4 Daredevil # 7 Batman & Robin # 34 Batman # 34 Batman […]

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 7/30/14

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 7/30/14 Forget Alex Kurtzman, let’s get Scott Snyder on that Universal Monsters Universe. This week we review: 100th Anniversary Special Guardians of the Galaxy # 1 All-New Ghost Rider # 5 Harley Quinn # 8 Aquaman Annual # 2 Batman Eternal # 17 Justice League # 32 The Sandman: Overture […]

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 6/25/14

New Superman in Metropolis! Lobdell sacked, Johns succeeding! Read all about it! No webcast this week due to a Tech problem but be sure to check out our new show Short Stake now on GAU Studios youtube – This week we review: All-New Ghost Rider # 4 Aquaman # 32 The Flash # 32 Superman […]

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 5/14/14

Congrats, Canada! You now have your own superhero team. This week we review: Superman: Doomed (One-Shot)(7:20) Action Comics # 31 (10:55) Superman/Wonder Woman # 8 (12:50) Futures End # 2 (16:40) Iron Man # 25 (22:30) All-New Ghost Rider # 3 (25:30) Deadpool # 28 (30:00) Justice League United # 1 (33:50) Batgirl # 31 […]

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 4/9/14

The week in which we didn’t screw up and forget an issue. Ultimates # 1 ( :45 Iron Man # 24 (3:34) Nightcrawler # 1 (6:00) All-New Ghost Rider # 2 (8:58) Ultimate Comics: All-New Spider-Man/Ultimate Spider-Man # 200 (11:45) Daredevil # 1.50 (16:50) Deadpool # 27 (23:20) Batgirl # 30 (29:10) Batman: Eternal # […]

No Apologies ep 168 No kids in the Champagne room

In this episode we go through a list of the best superhero animated shows, Batman Earth One, babies in movie theaters, Superman New Avengers 18.1 Now, Ghost Rider, Fuse, Uncanny X men, Guardians of the Galaxy You can also hear the show on Stitcher This podcast is sponsored by Friendly Neighborhood Comics Discount […]

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 3/26/14

URGENT: We messed up and forgot to pick up The Sandman: Overture # 2, but we’ll be sure to pick it up next week and talk about it. This week, though… is filled with sorrow. Good-bye Superior Spider-Man… This week we review: World’s Finest # 21 (1:00) Serenity: Leaves on the Wind # 3 (3:00) […]