ComicsVerse Podcast Episode 89: Examining The Ultimate Galactus Trilogy

At first glance, Ultimate Marvel’s “Ultimate Galactus Trilogy” is an exciting read, a page-turner, and, if a one hundred thousand mile long swarm intelligence scares the bejesus out of you as it does me, the cause of a few nightmares.

I can count on one hand the number of times I experienced the inability to put a comics series down before I finished the whole thing, and I am happy to count  “The Ultimate Galactus Trilogy” among those times along with Y, THE LAST MAN, THE WALKING DEAD, and ULTIMATE X-MEN.

LISTEN: You’re probably an X-Men fan if you’re reading this! Our previous episode features Monet St. Croix and Dust!

“The Ultimate Galactus Trilogy” is a set of three limited series runs ULTIMATE NIGHTMARE, ULTIMATE SECRET, and ULTIMATE EXTINCTION. Each limited series is written by Warren Ellis with various artists. At its best, “The Ultimate Galactus Trilogy” flawlessly flows from issue to issue, making it near impossible to stop until the entire trilogy is finished. Sometimes, a slew of different artists working on a singular story can cause disjointedness but, instead, the art in each limited series worked in perfect tandem with the writing, enhancing it through epic cinematic visuals while capturing the most personal of moments between characters.

While being an amazing read, “The Ultimate Galactus Trilogy” is not without its flaws. While it seemed to perfectly encapsulate and even enhance the humanity of characters like Captain America, Nick Fury, Tony Stark, Reed Richards, and Thor by exploring their flaws and intellectual and emotional limitations, for those of us who tend to root more for the female characters, we were left wanting in the cases of Jean Grey, Susan Storm, and Black Widow. That being said, the depiction of Carol Danvers throughout the story is hilarious when it needs to be without losing the seriousness of the character who climbed the ranks through the American Military Industrial Complex.

HEAR: This podcast celebrates the women of X-Men: Jean Grey, Storm, Emma Frost, Rogue, and Mystique!

In the 89th episode of the ComicsVerse Podcast, ComicsVerse Marvel Section Editors Kat Vendetti and Alex Bisignaro join CEO and host Justin Alba, Columbia University Ph.D. student Nolan Bensen, and ComicsVerse X-Men writer Marius Thienenkamp for a discussion of “The Ultimate Galactus Trilogy” that examines themes of extraterrestrial life science, religion and Galactus as the un-creator, gender and sexism, and the role of government in Ultimate Marvel’s comics.

The discussion may be heavy, but a fair share of lighter funny moments did arise. After all, this is the ComicsVerse Podcast. Would you expect anything less than to laugh your butts off while learning a lot?

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Weird Science DC Comics Weird Comics History Podcast Ep. 9: Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars


This week Chris (@AceComics) and Reggie (@reggiereggie) have some secrets to share…about the landmark comics event from 1984, Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars! First, a mention of the actual first event from Marvel Comics that happened two years earlier. Then, a discussion about the secret origins of the Secret Wars event and a run-down of every issue in the series! After the break, we take a look at the aftermath of Secret Wars and its lasting impact on the Marvel Universe and comics publishing as a whole, running down some of the biggest events from Marvel and DC from 1985 until today! It’s a shocking episode with many twists and turns that are largely wiped away at the very end! Have a listen!

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Super Hero Speak – #97: Steve Englehart

This week the guys sit down with Steve Englehart. They talk about his time at Marvel, DC and Atari. And the multiple times he “quit comics for good”. Co-creator of such characters as Kilowag, Mantis and Star Lord, Steve has had a huge impact not only on comics, but the movies his stories have inspired. What more can you say about the guy that came up with the idea of the Joker Fish? So sit back and Enjoy Steve Englehart on Super Hero speak!


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#stumpthegeekspeak question of last week: Name an actor who has played two different parts in the MCU. Hint not Chris Evans.

Answer: Enver Gjokaj played a cop in the Avengers and agent Sousa in Agent Carter

And the Winner is: Nathan Withrow, congrats you are the Geek of the Week!

#stumpthegeekspeak question of the week: Where and when was the first Star-Lord story published?

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Arc Reactions – 33 – The Trial of Reed Richards

The universe puts Reed Richards on trial for saving Galactus’ life. Dr. Doom also factors in the story. We discuss Galactus and Latvaria and much more. Does this 11-issue story from the early 1980s hold up? How will the Fantastic Four escape this time? Join us as we explore this story from Marvel Comics’ past.

Talking Points


Treatment of female heroes (23:31)

Latvaria (38:33)

Aiding Galactus (48:29)

Galactus (1:03:37)


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Radio Free Asgard 182


This week we cover Thor: God of Thunder #23! It’s Necro-Thor vs Old Galactus in a fight to the…erm…smokiness.. plus Thor & Roz take on Ulik and the Minotaur in the…erm…smokiness….of Broxton, Ogre-holma!

Radio Free Asgard 181


This week, Roz Solomon tries to arrest Trolls! Old Man Thor crawls through a birth canal, and Galactus gets hammered! All this, and more in Thor: God of Thunder #22!

Arc Reactions – 26 – Cataclysm

Dylan and John sit back, eat some popcorn, and watch the end of the Ultimates universe…. or do they? Join us as we look at this story and discuss the events as well as possible fallout from the event.


Talking Points

Bad Things

Did X-Men story add anything to the narative? (31:23)

Inconsistencies (39:06)


Good Things

Miles unmasking in front of his dad (45:29)

Rogue becoming a super-mutant (48:39)

Final solution (53:12)


Other things

AIM trying to become Galactus’ herald to survive (1:01:46)

Ultimates Universe (1:04:44)


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Join us on September 28th for our next story Aguaman – Triton Saga from DC Comics.

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Radio Free Asgard 139


This week we continue our exploration of the classic Lee/Kirby run with Thor #167! In this issue, Balder meets the Norse God of Deafness, Loki smacks a doll, Thor gets his punishment, and Sif blubbers and whines. Hey, it’s the 60’s…


ARP – 11 – Age of Ultron

Our first episode of 2014 is the Marvel crossover event titled the Age of Ultron. This was published in 2013 and involved the Avengers, time travel, and the sentient robot Ultron. Who will survive this indomitable foe? Tune in and find out. This is the dawning of the Age of Ultron.


Talking points



art style (20:16)

Events in the past (25:35)

The Final plan (35:46)

Fallout (39:35)

Death (45:49)

                – Lots of characters are killed

                                – Ultron attacks

                                – Alternate future

                                – Do we care that these characters die?

                                – B/C they die so quickly and easily, do we know that this reality will be fixed so that the character remains alive?




New futureDefenders team (54:28)




Ant Man (1:01:36)

Wolverine (1:11:41)


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Radio Free Asgard 133


Happy 2014, everyone!!!

This time around, we cover Thor #162, featuring (an) origin of Galactus! Thrill to Thor and the Warriors Three watching TV!!! See an obsessively neurotic Balder! Check out Odin’s awesome beard armor! Nuff said!!
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Radio Free Asgard 131


Happy Winter Holidays, everyone! This time around, we have Thor! Galactus! The Recorder! The Ego the size of a planet! People with big heads! and a few orange-colored surprises! This week we’re celebrating Christmas with Galactus as we cover Thor #160! (buuurp)

Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #144: Age of Ultron. The Whole Thing.

Episode #144

On this podcast we review the finale to Marvel’s latest event: Age of Ultron. You knew this was coming, right? Then we try to end on a positive note with some news from last week. Well, we try, anyway. Listen in!


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Episode #026: The Fantastic Four & The Council of Noobs
From Alt3red Egos

!!! Recently Un-posted, 4/22/2012 – by X !!!

Can Noob and X manage to cover over 60 years
of comic history and royalty in the form of the Fantastic Four
in under two hours? Whether they can actually pull it off
or not is irrelevant ’cause X is holding the whip.

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Episode #025: You Don’t Say Sinister Lightning
From Alt3red Egos

!!! Recently Un-posted, 4/10/2012 – by X !!!

Join Noob & X as they cover the
Marvel Dystopian Classic, Earth X.
Will Noob like it? Dumb Question!
Will X like it … Good Question! Listen & find out.

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Discussion: Top 5 Murdering Bastards and Female Characters

This week we are posting, for your listening pleasure, a couple Dollar Bin Definitive Top 5 lists: Most Murdering Bastards and Female Characters. We hope you enjoy and don’t forget to leave some comments.
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