Super Hero Speak – #248: Acts of Contrition

In this episode the guys are visited by returning guests Michael Heitkemper and Ariel J. Fulcher. The creative team behind Freedom Fighter and Acts of Contrition from Insane Comics. They tell the guys all about what they’ve been up since they were last on the show and all about their new book Acts of Contrition. Also Ariel tells the guys what it’s like to be mistaken for The Little Mermaid. All this and more in this episode, so sit back and enjoy.

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #313: Michael Heitkemper

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Freedom Fighter, A.J. Fulcher, Michael Heitkemper, Insane Comics, Acts of Contrition,

This week in Episode 313, it’s the return of writer Michael Heitkemper, one of the creative forces behind Freedom Fighter from Insane Comics! We go behind the scenes to talk about issue #5 from Michael and artist A.J. Fulcher! We also delve into his other new release, Acts of Contrition, something very different from his other comic! Both books have now been released, so be sure to purchase these excellent offerings! To purchase both at the Insane Comics website store, go to this link, and to get them on Comixology, go here! These both are just more great examples of what you can find at Insane Comics!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #282: Michael Heitkemper, Mike Marts

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Aftershock, Mike Marts, Freedom Fighter, Animosity, Marguerite Bennet, A.J. Fulcher, Michael Heitkemper, Insane Comics, Rough Riders, Replica,

Another great double-header episode this week! Michael Heitkemper talks about the Insane Comics, LLC series Freedom Fighter! Then we catch up with Mike Marts from AfterShock Comics, who updates us on how they’re doing and what’s coming to local shops from them! It’s all in Episode 282!

Super Hero Speak – #141: Freedom Fighter

This week Dave sits down with Michael Heitkemper and Aj Fulcher the creative team behind Freedom Fighter from Outpouring Comics. The Freedom Fighter is the world’s first government owned and funded super hero. His stories share not only his missions and adventures but also reveal the struggles he has with the corruption of the bureaucrats who control him. Add this to the mystery and secrets surrounding the original Freedom Fighter and you have one heck of a spy thriller. Mike an Aj share their inspiration for the story and what their plans are for the book. Plus they share what movies they are most looking forward to in 2016 So sit back and enjoy!

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