Zone 4 #320: The Zone Is Strong With Us!

The Zone 4 crew returns for another monthly dose of comic and related media goodness!

In honor of May the 4th earlier this week, we finally discuss Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

But before we do that, we talk some news – mostly about Star Wars. We also discuss several books we’re currently reading, The Flash TV show, a couple of non-comic TV shows we’re watching, and more!

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #209 With Travis Vengroff And Kaitlin Statz

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Liberty, Travis Vengroff, Kaitlin Statz, Star Wars, Deception, Force Awakens, Critical Research

We wrapped up 2015 in episode 209 with a fun interview with Travis Vengroff and Kaitlin Statz, two of the creators behind Liberty, which is fast becoming an independent multi-media franchise, including an audio drama podcast wrapping up its first season as well as a comic book in the works, among other things! During our discussion, Travis and Kaitlin talk about how their excellent products began, how they make their Liberty: Critical Research podcasts, the progress being made on the Liberty: Deception comic, which will debut in 2016, and their upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Of course, the recent Star Wars: The Force Awakens film gets involved in our discussion as well, so you’ll want to hear what Travis and Kaitlin have to say! You can listen to their podcasts at this link and learn more about the upcoming comic book here!

Next week, we’ll kick off 2016 with an interview with Mike Marts, Editor in Chief at AfterShock Comics! Don’t miss it!


Zone 4 #297: Please Pass the Gravy

This week, the cast is light due to holiday festivities and illness, so Brant and Chris chat for a while.

First, they talk about Thanksgiving, and some random chit-chat.

Then, it’s on to the news, talking the Jurassic World and Star Wars VII trailers, sequel news, Convergence week 3, and more.

For Topic Time, they discuss a list of the Top 15 Lamest Superheroes in Comics (aka Biggest Turkeys), which they have some issues with.

To close out the show, they go to announcements before sidetracking into some wrestling discussion as the show comes to an end.

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