Comic Frontline Live #151: Making Captain America Trump Again!

Every week the Comic Frontline crew unites to do a LIVE Show through YouTube Live Stream where we discuss the news and comics of the week and have some fun while doing it!

This week there’s no news due to the Cullen Bunn E-Panel conducted prior to the show. So join us for a brief discussion on Free Comic book Day, plus this week’s Worst Pick, Top 5, Cover of the Week, Most Anticipated and more!

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Airship 27 Podcast #27: Detectives, Pirates, Ghosts and More!

Captain Ron Fortier and Chief Engineer Rob Davis return with the 27th episode of Airship 27 Podcast!

This month on the show, they talk about conventions, the Pulp Factory Awards, meeting new friends and legends, the Brother Bones Free Comic Book Day offering, Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Vol. 9, Mystery Men (& Women) Vol. 4, Jezebel Johnston, and much more!

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On Location: FCBD 2017 at Valhalla Games and Comic

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Free! Comic! Book! Day!

For Free Comic Book Day 2017, Derek visits his local shop, Valhalla Games and Comics in Plano, TX to talk with customers and shop employees about the various FCBD offerings this year. Joining him on this episode are Sabrina, the shop manager, as well as one of her associates, Stephanie. But also joining in on the conversation is a first-timer to the podcast, Naheem, who just happens to be from Derek’s hometown, Charlotte, NC.

Derek talks with Naheem about his favorite FCBD selections.



Top 5 Comics Podcast Episode 78 – Season 4

Comic book round table. This week, we have – Future Quest #1, Civil War II #0, Rom FCBD #1, Robin Son of Batman #12, Spider-Man #4 – 2016, and more ………..

Run Times –podcast logo 78

News In Comics…. – 3:00- 34:10

Future Quest #1- 34:50 – 48:30

Civil War II #0 –48:32- 1:02:30

Rom FCBD #1 – 1:03:31– 1:11:26

Robin Son of Batman #12 – 1:11:26- 1:19:16

Spider-Man #4 – 2016 – 1:19:16- 1:30:00

Books to look for – 1:30:01


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Comics Alternative On Location: FCBD 2016 at Collected Comics and Games

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Krazy Komics Krowds


It’s Free Comic Book Day 2016, and to celebrate the event Derek is back at Collected Comics and Games in Plano, TX, to talk with customers and shop employees about the various offerings for this year. Some of the standout FCBD titles from those gathered around the discussion table are Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom (Arcana), We Can Never Go Home/Young Terrorists (Black Mask Studios), ROM (IDW Publishing), One-Punch Man/My Hero Academia (VIZ Media), Oddly Normal (Image Comics), Civil War II (Marvel Comics), The Phantom (Hermes Press), and Serenity/Hellboy/Aliens (Dark Horse Comics). Artist and friend-of-the-show Andy Hirsch joins the conversation for a while and talks about some of his favorites, including Science Comics (First Second) and Love and Rockets (Fantagraphics). He also shares some behind-the-scenes information about his work on the miniseries The Baker Street Peculiars and his new book, Varmints, coming out this fall from First Second. And Derek also highlights some of his favorite FCBD selections from this year, including March (Top Shelf),   Mooncop/A Tom Gauld Sampler (Drawn and Quarterly), Hilda/Akissi/Fantasy Sports (Nobrow Press), and the great collections from BOOM! Studios, United Plankton Pictures (AKA, Spongebob), Z2 Comics, and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. There’s a lot packed into this on-location episode, so get past the ambient noise of the crowds and jump into the fun comics talk offered here!

This picture of the FCBD talk in action brought to you by Freddy Ruiz!



Longbox Review Podcast Episode 99: July 2016 Solicitations w/ George Hanna

I talk with George Hanna of the George and Tony Entertainment Show about the July 2016 advanced solicitations. Along the way, we discuss Free Comic Book Day 2016, DC Rebirth, the upcoming LBR Episode 100, and so much more.

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 22: Justice League, DC You and The Truth


Ep 22: This week the boys try to tighten things up, but they still get involved in nonsense.  They also talk about all the books released this week including Justice League, Action Comics, Bizarro, Batman Beyond and more.  There is also Dan’s Geek News and Ryan Clark’s Other Side segment featuring Spiderman: Renew Your Vows #1. The DC You is upon us and Jim and Eric have very mixed feelings about it!

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Books Reviewed: Justice League #41, Action Comics #41, Green Lantern #41, Midnighter #1, Batman Beyond #1, Omega Men #1, Bizarro #1 and Bat-Mite #1
Flash Forward Reviews: Injustice: Year Four #5, Batman: Arkham Knight #16, Green Arrow #41, Lobo #7 and Wonder Woman Annual #1

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 21: Small Wonder, Convergence and Kung Fury

nKEsNWKvEp 21: After Eric sabotages the intro, the two get down to brass tacks and that involves talking about Kung Fury and why Eric is a jerk, but he’s Jim’s jerk.  Of course, they talk about the Convergence finale and all the tie-ins that came out this week as well.  Dan adds his Geek News and Ryan talk about Fight Club 2 #1 (Electric Boogaloo). Come and enjoy the madness and check us out on iTunes, Stitcher, BeyondPod and all those podcast downloading thingees.  Also: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Superboy, Power Girl, Supergirl, Green Lantern, Flash

Show Notes:

Kung Fury:

Small Wonder Series Finale:

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 20: Convergence, Mae West and The Duke of Wellington

DukeofWellingtonbyLawrenceEp 20: The Weird Science Podcast is almost drinking age and Eric celebrates by buying a new microphone while Jim channels his inner Mae West.  They finally get to the comics and talk about Donna Troy’s dance moves, the plight of the Justice League Detroit and the Duke of Wellington.  We also get Dan’s Geek News and Ryan Clark’s Other Side segment so all is not lost.  Enjoy.


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Final Issue Podcast: Episode 11 – Talkin’ with Hawkins Pt 1

Our panelsits are joined by TopCow’s Matt Hawkins to do some TopCow corrections and discuss free comic book day and play a round of Comic Bookies.
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Top 5 Comics Podcast Episode 57

Comic book round table. This week, we have – Star Wars Kanan #2, FCBD Divergence #0, FCBD Fight Club #2, FCBD Secret Wars #0, FCBD Street Fighter 2015 and more ………..

Run Times –PODCAST logo2

News In Comics…. – 1:52- 15:07

Star Wars Kanan #2 – 15:36- 19:35

FCBD Divergence #0 – 19:35- 26:41

FCBD Fight Club #2 – 27:23 – 32:00

FCBD Secret Wars #0 – 32:00- 36:43

FCBD Street Fighter 2015 – 41:32- 46:18

Books to look for – 46:18

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Comics Alternative On Location: FCBD 2015 at Collected Comics and Games

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Free Is Good

For Free Comic Book Day, Derek visits his local comic book shop, Collected Comics and Games in Plano, TX. There he talks with a variety of customers — many of whom have been on the shop before, some who have not — as well as creators featuring their works at the shop. Once such creator is Hunter S. Zombie, the writer of Stillborn: The First Zombie. He talks with Derek about his first book, his current work on the second, his relationship with and support of George Romero, and the travails of working the local con circuit. He also joins in the conversation with the shop customers, and the topics there turn to the new Avengers movie (hot on everyone’s mind), the new Daredevil series from Netflix, and the links between movie/TV fans and comics readers. More to the point, everyone discusses what FCBD titles they especially wanted to pick up, and why. Several mentioned Marvel’s Secret Wars offering as well as the all-Spanish The Uncanny Inhumans. Others focused on Dark Horse’s Fight Club/Goon issue, Dynamite’s Bob’s Burgers, Th3rd World Studio’s The Stuff of Legend/Thanatos Diver, Kodansha’s Attack on Titans, and VIZ Media’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. There wasn’t much love for DC’s Divergence, unfortunately. And Derek shares some of his favorites from this year, including the CBLDF Defend Comics issue (with a new Shadow Hero story from Gene Luen Yang and Sonny Lew), Beguiling Books’s Comics Festival! 2015, Archie’s Dark Circle Comics, and Fantagraphics’ Hip Hop Family Tree/Cosplayers double-shot. As always, there’s a lot to discuss with the guys at the shop, and FCBD infuses the conversation with even more juice. Listen to the show and experience this annual event through the wonders of podcasting!



Longbox Review Presents The Gutters: Nerd Culture and FCBD

My local, small-town newspaper surprised me with coverage of Free Comic Book Day, so I marvel at how far we’ve come as a culture.

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Comic News Insider Episode 604 – Not Episode 603!


Comic News Insider: Episode 604 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Drones #1, The Infinite Loop #1, Kaptara #1

After a long absence, the podcast wife Erica Schultz returns! Jimmy is super tired and says some really dumb things in this episode like calling it Episode 603 when it is clearly 604. Plus, pronouncing Jared Leto’s last name wrong even though he realized it later. What a maroon! They chat about the aforementioned Leto’s new promo picture as The Joker, how RDJ’s publicist wisely pulled him out of annoying interview, quick bits on some of the Convergence spin-offs from DC and Fun Home musical gets 12 nominations! News includes: DC Superhero Girls to launch, Jill Thompson working on Wonder Woman graphic novel, Frank Miller returns to Batman, Stan Lee partners with Peter David and Colleen Doran for his graphic memoir, an all female Transformers is coming, Sony is planning a new animated Spider-Man film, Dragon Ball returns to TV after 20 years and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Comic News Insider

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EJDAC Ep. 19: Focal Points


Disagreetings! Erik and James discuss Daredevil #14, Deadpool #44, New Avengers #32, and Nova #23. Also, Erik laments the end of Elektra with the series finale #11, and he jumps in on Secret Avengers #14 and has no idea what the hell is going on. Also our heroes weigh in on the recently-revealed cover of the All-New, All-Different Avengers team premiering on Free Comic Book Day. It’s a Friday night episode, so James was kind of sleepy and maybe a little crankier than usual. Comics and beers, cheers! Recorded on March 27th, 2015.