Deconstructing Comics #234: Race Issues in Comics

Comics have come a long way since Milton Caniff could put a hideous Chinese stereotype in a family newspaper, or create a racist World War II guide to telling “Japs” from Chinese people — right? Well… but what about those papers today that only want one “black strip”Candorville or Curtis, but not both? The top ranks of Marvel & DC heroes are overwhelmingly white — and, thanks to “regressive storytelling” at DC, they’re becoming more so. Black heroes, Hispanic heroes, seldom have their own titles. And, oh by the way — how about some characters with roots in India? Please? Tim, Kumar, and Mulele discuss the past history of racism — intentional and not — in American comics, and the present-day reality of most comics’ racial non-diversity. Also: Why Canadian-citizen Kumar never cared about Alpha Flight!

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Dollar Bin Podcast #157: Interview with Marvel Vice-President Executive Editor Tom Brevoort


     Following the Dollar Bin Forum backlash of Steve Rogers showing up in Marvel event The Siege and Invincible Iron Man before returning in his own mini series, Captain America Reborn, Adam grabbed an opportunity to discuss one-on-one with Marvel Vice President Exectutive Editor Tom Brevoort (@TomBrevoort) the many aspects of being a high level editor including dealing with the unexpected.

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