Comics Alternative, Episode 259: Reviews of Bad Mask, Evolution #1, and Doctor Radar #1

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Time Codes:

  • 00:01:26 – Introduction
  • 00:03:48 – Post-Thanksgiving digestion
  • 00:05:07 – Bad Mask
  • 00:30:41 – Evolution #1
  • 00:46:48 – Doctor Radar #1
  • 01:03:06 – Wrap up
  • 01:04:36 – Contact us



On this week’s episode Gwen and Derek discuss three recent releases that, while all being quite different, nonetheless share a common theme of mystery. They start off with Jon Chad’s Bad Mask (BOOM! Box), a multimedia project that explores perspective and interpretation. With its various components in multiple print formats — comic book, trading cards, newspaper tabloid, mainstream news magazine, business reports, etc. — it’s an intelligent exploration of how we define “hero.” Next, the Two PhDs Talking about Comics explore the first issue of Evolution (Image Comics). This is a different kind of comic in that it’s written by four authors…and the result is solid and far from fragmented. James Asmus, Joseph Keatinge, Christopher Sebela, and Joshua Williamson contribute to the story, with Joe Infurnari providing the art. Finally, Gwen and Derek look at Noël Simsolo and Bézian’s Doctor Radar #1 (Titan Comics). This is a translation that taps into the crime noir genre, expertly done and perhaps the highlight of the week.


Completely Bearded!

Welcome to Completely Comics Episode 35: Completely Breaded!

On this beard-toting episode we cover everything from Evolution to Brian Michael Bendis!

Today Troy and Will talk about a recent trip to get another Comic Book Store Inventory.

Comic Book News:

  • DC Comics’ The New 52 has powered the rejuvenated publisher to a third consecutive first place showing on the top of Diamond Comic Distributors comic book and graphic novel sales charts, but the newly-reversed gap between DC and Marvel has narrowed considerably.
  • Newsarama reports: Powered by the bestselling comic book of November 2011 – Justice League #3 – and 4 of the Top 5 bestselling titles, 6 of the Top 10, and the bestselling graphic novel of the month – Batman: Noel, DC again sits atop of both the Unit and Dollar Market Share charts, with 39.66% Unit Share and 34.69% Dollar Share, respectively.
  • These figures narrowly beat out Marvel, who led by their bestselling comic book of the month, the Point One special (#5 on the charts), accounted for 37.84% of Unit Share and 33.30% of Dollar share, leaving it a guessing game whether DC’s momentum will allow it to hold onto its industry lead in upcoming months.
  • Perhaps the real headline news, however, is due to extremely strong comic book unit sales (+30.06%) and graphic novel dollar sales (+12.43%) compared to November 2010, year-to-date 2011 has leapt ahead of ytd 2010 sales by 5.47% in Units and 1.87% in Dollars, the first time both figures have been in positive territory this year.
  • Yes, it’s official – after an extremely slow start to the year, the comic book industry is growing in 2011.
  • Jerry Robinson, creator of the Joker died in his sleep Wednesday night.  He was 89
  • Lots of changes in creators.  Gail Simone leaving Firestorm.  Brian Michael Bendis off the Avengers.  Fabian Nicieza off of Legion Lost
  • Avengers X-Sanction #1 comes out next week, starting a new Marvel event.  Cable comes back to prevent the upcoming tragedies that spark the Avengers vs the X-Men event.. and every move he makes changes the Marvel Universe.

Here is the Amazon link to Evolution: The story of life on earth

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