Comic News Insider Episode 869 – SDCC: Milana Vayntrub/Sandeep Parikh!

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Well, this is more like a post-SDCC podcast! Jimmy was in Los Angeles after Comic Con and managed to get a couple of interviews. Since he was staying w/ Milana Vayntrub, he figured he could get her to agree and she did! Literally on his way to the airport, Jimmy and Milana chatted over a quick dinner. They talked about her role as Squirrel Girl in the upcoming Marvel Rising animated series, her charity Can’t Do Nothing, directing, comedy and how she loves to sing and dance while driving Jimmy around! Jimmy sat with Sandeep Parikh earlier in the week to talk about his recent interactive web series comedy That Moment When… that starred his old roommate/best pal Milana Vayntrub! See how this all ties together, kids? Jimmy and Sandeep also talked about his other work in The Guild, The Legend of Neil and his comedy channel Effin Funny. No regular format show over the next few weeks. Just the awesome and massive SDCC coverage!! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



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