Bonus Episode: The Defenders #3

Ryan is joined by Trevitt from the Marvel Madness Podcast for an impromptu episode, discussing the new issue of The Defenders from Brian Michael Bendis and company. Trevitt has been championing this series and trying to get Ryan to give the new Defenders series a chance. Will this issue change Ryan’s mind and get him to continue the series? Tune in and find out! Thanks for listening!

Music by Ongface

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Super Hero Speak – #178: Harlem Fights

This week the guys review Marvel’s Luke Cage. Marvel’s latest Netflix series hits it out of the park again. So sit back and enjoy the guys journey into Harlem and talk Luke Cage, enjoy! Be warned thier are spoilers ahead.


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A Podcast with Ross and Nick #133

A Podcast with Ross and Nick

Listen to A Podcast with Ross and Nick #133 right now!

Ross Campbell and Nick Marino are joined by comic book artist Aaron Conley for a massive 3.5 hour episode!! Things kick off with some fighting games art chit-chat, including the best and worst of Capcom’s character art:

Then it’s time for comic books with bullet holes in their covers!! Including real bullet holes (Jab #3) and fake bullet holes (Protectors #5).

After that, we celebrate some awesome of Z-list comic book superheroes, beginning with Marrow and Maggot.

Which leads into Diamondback and her costume that sometimes looks like skin instead of pink cloth.

We also talk about Franken-Castle and how Ross just can’t believe that the Universal movie monsters exist in the Marvel Universe. Plus, dead superheroes and comic book characters, including Skyman:

**this is the 501st AudioShocker podcast**