Comics Alternative, Episode 300: The December Previews Catalog

Celebrate 300!

It’s the first of a new month, and that must mean that the Two Guys with PhDs Talking about Comics will be looking at the latest Previews catalog. This is a rather long episode — going for almost three hours — so you get your money’s worth! But what makes this show extra special is that it’s the 300th episode of The Comics Alternative‘s weekly review show. As Derek points out, there are over twice as many episodes of the podcast that have been released since August 2012, accounting for the many interviews, specials, and the various monthly shows, but with the regularly weekly review shows, they’ve now reached a notable milestone. For December, Sterg and Derek discuss a variety of  publishers and titles solicited in Previews such as:

Comics Alternative, Episode 292: The September Previews Catalog

Strong Women, Crime, and The Beatles

It’s that time again, the occasion when Gwen and Derek meticulously go through the latest Previews catalog and highlight a variety of upcoming comics they find of note. For the month of September, they discuss a variety of  publishers and titles such as:

Comics Alternative, Episode 289: The August Previews Catalog

Witches and Adaptations

It’s that time again! It’s the beginning of the month, and the latest issue of the Previews catalog is out. And as they always do, the Two Guys meticulously go through the latest solicits, highlighting a variety of upcoming titles in Previews that they’re interested in or they think is worth considering. Among the many publishers and titles that they focus on in the August catalog include:


Comics Alternative, Episode 279: The May Previews Catalog

“It whets my appetite, and I don’t know what the hell it’s about”

This week, Paul and Derek take an extensive look at the May Previews catalog. In fact, their look is so extensive that their discussion evolves into an extra-long episode, spanning almost three hours! (Then again, listeners of the podcast probably are used to these long Previews episodes.) The Two Guys begin by sharing listener mail, and then they make a few comments about some of the changes Diamond has made to their catalog over the past couple of months. After that, they jump into the nitty gritty of the episode, highlighting a variety of solicitations that catch their eye this month. Among the many publishers and titles that they focus on are:

Deconstructing Comics #374: Adventures in Comics Retailing, with James Sime

isotopeSo what’s it like to be an American comics retailer in 2013? Is the digital market your friend, or a sworn enemy? What kind of hassles are presented by the weekly shipments of new comics? Is there any reason to stock back issues these days? In this episode, Tim explores these issues and more with James Sime, co-owner of Isotope Comics in San Francisco!

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Comic Timing – Episode 89

We’re back, and we’re explaining comics for everybody! Adam Murdough (The Murd!) from Comic Geek Speak and the Time Bubble, John Mayo of Comic Book Page, and Chris Johnson of Amazing Spider-Cast and Comic Book Page’s Final Crisis Podcast, stop by to give a primer on comic books. Just what is this medium all about? We delve into Pre-Crisis vs. Post-Crisis, explain Previews and Overstreet, give some beginner suggestions, and do a whole lot more. So listen in and maybe you’ll learn something!

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