Wayne’s Comics Podcast #289: Frank Martin


This week, Frank Martin from Insane Comics, creator of Modern Testament: Anthology of the Ethereal, is back to talk about his upcoming Volume 4, the last in the series. Here’s this volume’s description: “Biblical beings, although ancient and iconic, struggle to be understood and find their place in today’s society. Humanity has changed since their creation during the days of antiquity, and they along with it. These tales chronicle them on their journey of self-worth and purpose. They’re stories of discovery we’re currently writing every day in our very own Modern Testament. 32 pages in FULL COLOR!” There’s still a Free Comic Book Day version available for free at this link (digitally only). Go to the Insane Comics website store to buy your copy of Volume 4, and the previous ones, all available for your summer reading!

The Media Masochist 9 – Black Devil Doll From Hell


Chris is joined in his moment of torture with a SPECIAL CELEBRITY GUEST! The turn their BEADY EYES to the abomination called BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL! This early 80’s shot on video monstrosity is available IN IT’S ENTIRETY on the You Tubes! ALSO: Tune in to hear some EXCITING SCOOPS on current DiManzicorp projects! CHECK IT OUT IF YOU DARE!







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Sidekickcast Episode #39 – The Comic Book Volcano

Sidekickcast Episode #39 - The Comic Book Volcano

Just what is a comic book volcano? Why do Sidekickcast regular hosts Dan and Gavin care so much? Which of the Marvel bargain movies will we see first? How do we manage to link from this to the new Doctor Who? And most importantly what has guest host, the truly X-Centric Ned been smokin’? All this and more (well probably not much more) will be revealed in another tantalising trip through the world of the Sidekicks.

In a bulging review filled Stack Attack we take a look at Devil #3, Crossed: Family Values #1, Daredevil #506, Turf #1, Cowboy Ninja Viking #4-5 and as part of our coverage of the Second Coming event: Uncanny X-Men #523, New Mutants #12 and X-Men Legacy #235.

Secrets and Lies; the comic book news quiz that would test the investigational skills of even the world’s greatest detective focuses on the happenings at the C2E2 convention. Dan hasn’t done his homework for Knowing Me, Knowing You but at least his excuse is entertaining and Dig This! takes a nose dive too due to lack of actual comic books. Don’t miss out on the best bit of the show; the post-outro music cock ups.