Comics Alternative Interviews: Brian Cremins

Listen to the podcast! Time Codes: 00:00:24 – Introduction 00:02:35 – Setup of interview 00:05:05 – Interview with Brian Cremins 01:30:42 – Wrap up 01:31:51 – Contact us Child Is Father to the Man On this episode of the interview series, the Three Guys with PhDs — Andy, Gene, and Derek — talk with Brian Cremins about his new […]

Comics Alternative, Episode 232: Reviews of The Facts of Life, Black and White Diary Comics, and Anno Dracula #1

Listen to the podcast! Time Codes: 00:00:30 – Introduction 00:03:36 – The Facts of Life 00:33:06 – Black and White Diary Comics, December 2016 – February 2017 00:49:20 – Anno Dracula #1 01:11:10 – Wrap up 01:11:59 – Contact us An Edna Garrett-free Episode For this week’s show, Andy and Derek look at two examples of life writing and one Dracula-infused alternate […]

Comics Alternative Interviews: Back with Peter Bagge

Listen to the podcast! Time Codes: 00:00:25 – Introduction 00:02:25 – Setup of interview 00:04:45 – Interview with Peter Bagge 01:35:33 – Wrap up 01:37:22 – Contact us “Forever on the horizon, never out of sight” The Two Guys are pleased to have Peter Bagge back on The Comics Alternative. His new book Fire!! The Zora Neale Hurston Story comes […]

Comics Alternative, On Location: The March Visit to Valhalla Games and Comics

Listen to the podcast! Manga and Child Hating After a month’s hiatus (due to unforeseen circumstances), the on-location episode is back! And for the March visit to Valhalla Games and Comics, the topic is completely open. On this recording Derek is joined my several of the shop regulars including Craig, Matt, and Tristan. Among the […]

Comics Alternative, Euro Comics: Reviews of Pretending Is Lying and The Lighthouse

Listen to the podcast! Time Codes: 00:00:27 – Introduction 00:02:56 – Listener mail! 00:07:21 – Pretending Is Lying 00:56:22 – The Lighthouse 01:16:11 – Wrap up 01:17:05 – Contact us Edward’s Nitpicks For the month of March, Edward and Derek look at two very different European titles. They begin with Dominique Goblet’s Pretending Is Lying, released last month […]

Comics Alternative, Episode 231: Reviews of The Excavation, American Gods #1, and Rat Queens #1

Listen to the podcast! Time Codes: 00:00:31 – Introduction 00:02:42 – News and announcements 00:10:38 – The Excavation 00:39:46 – American Gods #1 00:59:54 – Rat Queens #1 01:15:01 – Wrap up 01:16:00 – Contact us “This is not my first detachable penis rodeo” This week’s episode is an exploration of surrealism and fantasy, and one guaranteed to both fascinate and disturb you. It begins with a discussion of Max […]

Comics Alternative, Webcomics: Reviews of The Great McGonagall, Sufficiently Remarkable, and The Boston Metaphysical Society

Listen to the podcast! Time Codes: 00:00:29 – Introduction 00:03:12 – Touching base 00:03:53 – Listener email! 00:08:54 – The Great McGonagall 00:26:19 – Sufficiently Remarkable 00:54:05 – Checking in with Jim McClain 01:12:35 – The Boston Metaphysical Society 01:35:22 – Wrap up 01:36:30 – Contact us An Historic(al) Episode For March, Sean and Derek check out three very different […]

Comics Alternative, Episode 230: The March Previews Catalog

Listen to the podcast! March Madness It’s the first part of March, which means it must be time for the Two Guys with PhDs to look through the latest Previews catalog. Before they do that, though, they alert readers to this month’s #trypod social media campaign and encourage listeners to share their love of The Comics Alternative […]

Comics Alternative, Manga: Reviews of Revolutionary Girl Utena Complete Deluxe Box Set and Ghost in the Shell Deluxe Edition

Listen to the podcast! Time Codes: 00:00:30 – Introduction 00:02:43 – Apologies 00:04:14 – Revolutionary Girl Utena Complete Deluxe Box Set 00:51:13 – Ghost in the Shell Deluxe Edition 01:21:23 – Wrap up 01:24:26 – Contact us A Deluxe Show! On this episode of the manga series — a few days later than expected — Shea and Derek discuss […]

Comics Alternative, Episode 229: Will Eisner Week 2017 – Uses of The Spirit since 2005

Listen to the podcast! Capturing the Spirit of The Spirit Every year for Will Eisner Week, always the first seven days in March, the Two Guys with PhDs like to do something special and Eisner-related for the podcast. This year is no different, and for the current episode Andy and Derek have decided to discuss the many uses of […]

Comics Alternative, Episode 228: Reviews of Scooter Girl and My Favorite Thing Is Monsters, Vol. 1

Listen to the podcast! Mods and Monsters Time Codes: 00:00:27 – Introduction 00:02:28 – The Blubber report 00:10:51 – Scooter Girl 00:44:42 – My Favorite Thing Is Monsters, Vol. 1 01:30:15 – Wrap up 01:31:35 – Contact us On this week’s episode the Two Guys with PhDs Talking about Comics do deep dives into two recent, and very different, […]

Comics Alternative, Euro Comics: Reviews of Little Tulip, Billy Budd, KGB, The Magician’s Wife, and The Boys of Sheriff Street

Listen to the podcast! A Deep Charyn Dive Time Codes: 00:00:30 – Introduction 00:03:17 – Checking in 00:08:31 – Charyn and Boucq’s Little Tulip, Billy Budd, KGB, and The Magician’s Wife 00:57:42 – Charyn and Loustal’s The Boys of Sheriff Street 01:15:40 – Wrap up 01:17:02 – Contact us This month on the Euro Comics series Edward and Derek look at […]

Comics Alternative, Episode 227: Reviews of Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure, Blood Blister #1, and The Belfry

Listen to the podcast! Bark-Free Time Codes: 00:30 – Introduction 02:43 – Patreon and podcast patrons! 07:03 – Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure 27:40 – Blood Blister #1 44:03 – The Belfry 56:22 – Wrap up 57:09 – Contact us This week the Two Guys with PhDs discuss three very different titles. They begin with Steven Tillotson’s Untitled Ape’s Epic […]

Comics Alternative, Webcomics: Reviews of The Specialists, Hominids, and The Last Saturday

Listen to the podcast! February Fun Time Codes: 00:00:27 – Introduction 00:03:03 – Setup of episode 00:03:50 – The Specialists 00:32:17 – Hominids 01:01:33 – Checking in with Jim McClain and Paul Schultz 01:16:16 – The Last Saturday 01:38:20 – Wrap up 01:39:52 – Contact us For the month of February, Sean and Derek look at three very different webcomics. […]

Comics Alternative, Episode 226: The February Previews Catalog

Listen to the podcast! Hobos! It’s that time of the month, and on this week’s regular episode of the podcast, Andy and Derek take a look at the February Previews catalog. Before they do that, though, they update everyone on current comics news and podcast updates, as well as share listener mail. Then they get into the current Previews catalog, highlighting […]