MwaP Episode 72: Cheetah the Orangutan

Tune In!       Site Page After a month break, the guys are back. In this episode Corwin admits to censoring Scott, and then talks about the struggles of sinus pain in Florida. Scott on the other hand becomes a drug mule, and interrupts the show after every review with a listener question. In […]

MwaP Episode 71: Point Muuu

Tune In!       Site Page The boys are back!! In this episode Scott finally dives into One Piece, and then starts making bad cow jokes. Meanwhile Corwin complains about how he’s been busy every weekend, and then complains about some Deadpool minis. The books for January 2017 are then discussed. In Past-O-Vision they finish […]

MwaP Episode 64: Vs Anime Expo

Tune In!        Site Page The boys are back with an all new episode. This time around Corwin finally makes time to watch the first episode of Erased, and loses it over a Snapple cap. Meanwhile Scott brings out his inner Waluigi and creates a new drinking game for the amount of time […]

MwAP Episode 63: Penguinpool

Tune In!        Site Page The boys are back with a brand new positive episode!! This time around Scott airs out his hatred of stupid dialogue in the new stupid (guess who wrote this) X-Men movie and then speculates about a Marvel vs. Capcom movie. Meanwhile Corwin recalls how old he was when […]

MwaP Episode 61: Security Guard Bear

Tune In!        Site Page In this episode we review Marvel Comic’s Deadpool books of March 2016. Sponsor 0:03:22 News 0:14:24 Hell House Fax 0:20:46 Con Report 0:38:35 Spider-Man Deadpool (2016) #3 0:42:54 Deadpool and the Mercs for Money (2016) #2 0:48:47 Deadpool (2015) #8 0:55:16 Uncanny Avengers (2015.2) #6 1:05:36 Uncanny Avengers […]