F BombCast 157: The Ballad of Wormy McGirtherson

It has only been a month and a half, did you expect us to be weekly or something. We talk such timely things as Dark Shadows, The Gay characters of comics, and all the other news that happened about a month ago. Mike is a work of art now, and TJ likes to play with wormy. Dallas is awesome as is Larry Hagman. X-O Manowar is awesome as is other shit Kevin talked about but i wasn’t really listening.

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F BombCast 155: The Music Never Stopped

Music is the theme, and kevin is in misery. Despite his best effort to mourn Jonathan Frid, Mike and TJ just want to discuss some awesome tunes. Warren Haynes and Gov’t Mule take center stage, and then the discussion turns to Mike and TJ’s musical instruments of choice, and Kevin’s prowess on the skin flute. We start to talk Chris Roberson and DC Comics but that leads us right back to music. Enjoy!

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F BombCast 153: The Three Amigos

We are back folks, The three amigos, all together again and almost better than ever. Of all the things discussed we delve into video games and Skyrim. Captain America doesn’t live up to TJ’s expectations, but he is looking forward to Avengers. All is right in the marvel world as not only are they reliving an X Men Event from the 90s but their main event is also a 20 year old rehash of a title with a concept from 5 years ago. Way to stay fresh shit dicks. Oh yeah, and cablevision sucks a giant one. Enjoy!

F BombCast 152: Dark Crap

Last episode we really catered to all you comic book geeks, now to please some of you movie geeks. We go on a slight rant about Dark Shadows. And by slight i mean more than half the episode. And by rant i mean utter disgust with the film maker and all those involved with the project. Denise will thrill the soul of all you trekkies as her e-mail is all DS9 all the time. Prometheus looks like the tits, and game of thrones not only looks like the tits but it also has them. Capping off this fantastic piece of audible awesomeness is a discussion of Captain Atom and BKV’s Saga. Enjoy!

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F BombCast 150: Real Comic Book Men


It is HERE!!! the 150th episode of this useless drivel that you have come to know and love, and we celebrate by Talking about some movies, Prequel movies to be exact. Kevin is lord and protector of all things necessary and he deems things stupid at the drop of a hat. We are the real comic book men since i believe we are more likable (and believe me that takes a lot.) Watchmen prequels…Necessary or Not? Sounds like a question for kevin with his new title. We talk some Nightwing, Resurrection Man, Flash, Glory and Secret Avengers. Hmmmmm… Sounds like the 149 episode that came prior to this. Well, Enjoy!




F BombCast 146: Takei Vs. Twinks

One of these days all three of us will be here, i promise. After an awesome amount of levity pointed to the leader of the free world, Sci Fi is gotten into, by way of Kevin being asked to bathe with my four year old.  Enjoy our day of geekdom and manliness, comics, steak, sci-fi and scotch, is there anything that could have made the day better? Battlestar, Aliens, Trek, They Live and more. Then comics,  oh the comics. I, vampire, Teen Titans, Justice League Dark, Superman, Action, Fantastic Four and Dark Shadows all are looked at in one form or another. Enjoy!

F BombCast 143: Slap Tag A Go Go

The month of horror is winding down, and so did the NYCC. Kev was the only one to make it this year, but he had a blast. Find out who the dick of the con was, and who the really nice guys were. Dark Shadows is discussed as is the awesomeness of the Strangers and Red State. Kevin and TJ have a game of slap tag over how integral Batwoman’s sexuality is to her origin as a masked vigilante…hint kevin is wrong. and then Mike and Kevin make the most incorrect Kirby statement of the decade since Kamandi is where it is at. Enjoy!

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F BombCast 120: Keeping Up with the Cardassians

This episode proves that the more F Bombers = the more better F Bombers. Come enjoy as we relive the shit that was the halftime show of not only this year but of past super bowls. Kevin Dreams of a day where a chinese mistress will make him an eggroll as he bangs Natalie Portman in the next room. Our fan Denise offers her take on the enterprise crew with what can only be called an inspired trek e-mail (or extremely geeky, but if you think that you are listening to the wrong show. Eric Powell is a douchebag who like to generalize and doesn’t truly understand satire, or if he does he likes to use it as an excuse if too many are offended by what he has to say. Dark Shadows is fully discussed and Comics are spoken of. What comics you may ask? Well let me tell you some. Rat Catcher, Weird Worlds of DC, Mystery Society, Superboy, Grimms Fairy Tales: Myths & Legends, Spawn 201, among many more (holy shit i have a horrible memory) Enjoy!

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F BombCast 71: Her Name was Victoria Winters

Episode 71

This is It folks, One of the greatest episode ever put out by the dynamic trio. (Stop your snickering, we have put out some good shows in the past). We learn about how people pee at a urinal. We learn Kevin’s obsession with bald men. We learn that Mike is awesome (really we learn nothing new about mike so We just keep assuming his awesomeness.) Kevin Becomes Master of his domain while watching a show about blood thirsty vampires. Yes folks we go sort of in depth about the greatness that is Dark Shadows. Music is big as TJ trumps Mike’s rock show with a song off the Brand Spankin’ new Rob Zombie Album. Kevin is the only comic reader this week so he Opines all by himself about Didio’s Doom Patrol, Brubaker’s Captain American 602, and Starman 81. The show is rounded off with a list of Top 5 Favorite Villains. Enjoy!

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