ComicsVerse Podcast Episode 91: X-Men, “The Dream” Part 2: How Young X-Men Fans View Progress in X-Men’s Civil Rights Metaphor

X-Men comics persist to ignite the imagination of readers everywhere. Yet, what originally charmed readers back when the stories first came out may now mean something else for an entirely new generation of young X-Men fans. This podcast explores how much of a divide there is, and what still holds up in modern times.

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It’s a popular saying to claim age is just a number. While this is true in most instances, what college-aged kids in 1963 valued varies drastically from what they value today. A young X-Men fan is defined as someone who’s love of the stories derives influence from a modern day understanding of the series. This means the added complexities of Magneto are already well established, as well as other crucial plot points that developed later in the series. Political strife consumes the world of the 2010s. This influences the reading of the comics tremendously. Additionally, a young fan is aware of the complexities of their society parallel those in the comic. They respond to the material accordingly, to ensure their society doesn’t become the one in the stories.

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The world of the mutants is timeless, yet their stories aren’t. Sometimes, as political identities shift and the expectations of the consumer changes, the stories that were thought to be groundbreaking no longer are. Characters from diverse ethnic backgrounds became normalized as time went on; making comics that center around this idea trivial at best, patronizing at worst. While some stories fall by the wayside for the new generation, others still resonate throughout time. They might deceive some into thinking they firmly grasp their time and their time only, yet certain problems remain consistent. Debates on race, gender, and sexual identity have progressed but not enough. In conclusion, it is when X-Men tackles these harder subjects that readers, no matter when they were born, can love this unique franchise.

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Super Hero Speak – #157: Brad Linder Forever

This week Brad Linder returns again to discuss comic book movies, TV shows and what he’s been up to lately.  He gives us his perspective on Batman v Superman and Civil War. Also we talk DC Rebirth! Plus if you haven’t yet, when you are done listening to this you should check him on the Comic Kick Starter Podcast. Enjoy!

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ComicsVerse Podcast Episode 72: Chris Claremont Interview

Chris Claremont studied acting and political theory at Bard College — and even though he initially wasn’t interested in getting into the comic book industry — he’s written more X-MEN comics than anyone else. His continuous run from 1975 to 1991 changed the way we look at comic book’s favorite team of outsiders forever, and matured not only a Marvel franchise, but the superhero genre itself. In Episode 72 of the ComicsVerse Podcast, the ComicsVerse crew gets a chance to talk to fan-favorite writer Chris Claremont!

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Several generations of X-MEN fans including, Columbia University Law School student and ComicsVerse Editor — Jake Grubman, ComicsVerse managing editor — Jamie Rice, German ComicsVerse Staff writer — Marius Thienenkamp and, of course, ComicsVerse C.E.O. Justin Alba, have prepared an interview with a man that has always been an icon to them, and it’s safe to say no one was disappointed!

What’s the whole story of how Claremont got involved with Marvel? Why should Jean Grey have remained dead? What were the initial plans for X-FACTOR and the character of Rachel Grey? What happens after X-MEN: THE END? Are the X-Men nowadays just as relatable as they used to be? Those questions and many more will be answered! We studied hours of Chris Claremont interviews before this one, and there are things in this interview you won’t find anywhere else!

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Of course, the X-Men are not the only topic of discussion! Claremont also discussed his time at Bard College, the creative process behind comic books at Marvel then and now, diversity in the industry, and his upcoming novel about the creator-owned SOVEREIGN SEVEN concept and what readers can expect.

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ComicsVerse Episode 46: Interns Take Over! NEW X-MEN by Grant Morrison

In this episode of the ComicsVerse comic book podcast, ComicsVerse interns and contributors take over!

Marius has chosen to dissect to Grant Morrison’s NEW X-MEN on an in-depth level while having a lot of fun! In fact, we probably got into too much fun! There’s definitely some intense shit discussed about and laughed about here! If you’re a fan of Grant Morrison, comics, the X-Men, Jean Grey, the X-Men cartoon or anything of the sort, you should really enjoy this podcast!

This episode of the ComicsVerse podcast features Justin Gilbert Alba and Kathleen Wisneski as hosts with a summary by Marius Thienenkamp and Jamie Rice. We are joined by a panel of interns, contributors and friends including: Malia Knight, Kay Honda, Brian Delpozo, Chris Massari, Josh Cui and Alex Katz.

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