Sidekickcast Episode #57 – The Road to Civil War

Sidekickcast Episode #57 - The Road to Civil War

Dark times have descended upon the Sidekickcast, a change is coming, brutha versus brutha.

This is the road to civil war.

Captain America: The First Avenger Review


Stack Attack: Flashpoint #2-3, Fear Itself #3-4, Uncanny X-Force #11, Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force #1, X-Men: Schism #1 and Moon Knight #3

Secrets and Lies

The Devil’s Back Bones: Daredevil #82-87 and Dardevil #1

Nothing will ever be the same again…

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Sidekickcast Episode #53 – The St Patrick’s Day Massacre

Sidekickcast Episode #53 - The St Patrick's Day Massacre

Join the Sidekicks in a full house as regular hosts Dan and Gavin are joined by Ned and Mikey Bumchin for some St Patrick’s day merriment, no none of us are irish but neither was St Paddy and we loves a drink. We start off with some chatter about the Daredevil movie reboot and CICE 2011, rounded off with a special St Patrick’s Day quiz.

In Stack Attack this week we start with some Age of X tie-ins X-Men Leagcy #245-46, New Mutants #22, and moving on to Venom #1, Amazing Spider-Man #654.1-56, True Grit and Crossed: Psychopath #1.

Secrets and Lies
is back to just the Sidekicks vs Gavin without a room full of geeks and comics professionals to play along too, will it ever be the same? Bringing up the rear is the latest in our focus on what makes Dardevil such a bad-ass book with Dardevil vol.2 #76-81 ‘The Murdock Papers’ in The Devils Back Bones. Don’t forget to listen past the outro music for some particularly boozey out-takes.

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Sidekickcast Episode #50 – Home & Away

Sidekickcast Episode #50 - Home & Away

Who’d have thought we’d get all the way to 50 episodes? Not me that’s for sure. So here it is episode 50 with regular Sidekickcast hosts Gavin and Dan accompanied by two of our most favourite Sidekicks; Ned and Mikey Bumchin.

There is a lot in this one and to explain what it is would give too much away, needless to say we have an overflowing review filled Stack Attack, an extra special Secrets and Lies, a big ol’ competition that you do not want to miss, an exclusive interview with the creators of upcoming supernatural comedy book, Stiffs and much, much more.

Thanks to everyone that has supported us over the last 50 episodes, we never would have gotten this far without you.

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