Grawlix Podcast #73: Interview with Robert J. Sodaro

The Grawlix Podcast is joined by author Robert J. Sodaro! Bob wrote Owlgirls, which we discussed on episode 65, as well as numerous other works ranging from comic books to non-fiction. He is a true storyteller and we had a great time chatting with him in this interview. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

About Bob

Robert J. (“Bob”) Sodaro is a storyteller and graphic production artist who writes articles and stories but does prepress production work for several indie publishers including Red Anvil, Main Enterprises, Pronto, Atlas Unleashed, and others. Some of his characters include Agent Unknown, Wülf Girlz, Girl Skout Wars, and Hot Girl & Totally Hot Girl.

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #259: Joe Martino

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