F BombCast 122: Charlie Sheen’s Anus: Duh, Winning!

We are back ladies and gentlemen, and what more would you expect from us expect frank conversation on anal sex, blow jobs, and cum right from the get go. We learn today that kevin has an obsession with a certain fallen star who no longer exist in TJ’s eyes. Although he does have Bree Olson so DUH, Winning! Dwayne McDuffie is remembered and kevin wants marvel to put out a remembrance trade to him, but not of the stuff he read already, it is only good if it is something he does not already own. GI Joe Cobra is discussed as is Vampirella, Jennifer Blood, Noche Roja, Fear Itself, and much much more. Enjoy!

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F BombCast 121: Comforter Cumsies

In this very special episode of the F bombCast we welcome back and old friend. We learn of his life and times and what exactly it means to have a fantastic black member. TJ needs to go shopping for bedding due to the rhythm method, and the USPS just doesn’t like him. You get 5 books that are good to jump on with, and we learn just how white Kevin and Mike are. The Five cancelled titles for DC are discussed and more. Give it a try and enjoy. I know you will.

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F BombCast 70: Holy Hand Grenade, We Talk Sidekicks

Episode 70

Just a shaft and a ball, but we sure do hit all our regular subjects. Music, Cum, Poop, Comics, Movies, Music, kirby, Morrison, It is all in there. I am so super tired today so this is going to be not so witty, nor that long. Movies we talk about American Splendor, Valkyrie, IT Crowd, The Tudors. Music is W.A.S.P. and Paul Gilbert. TJ throws in his man crush Mike Portnoy and Nikko McBrain. Hellblazer and and the Golden Age sandman are also spoken of in Passing. We have a great top 5 Sidekicks from TV/Movies that are not superhero related. It really is a good show that this description is doing nothing for. Sorry, Just listen, Your ears will thank you with a reach around.

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