Girls With Issues – Episode 76

This week we talk Superman #42, Thors #2, we review the Ant-Man Movie and talk with one of our favorite authors/artists, Patrick J. Reilly about his upcoming IndieGoGo campaign. You can find the links to his campaign, tumblr and where to get his books for free below.

Indiegogo Campaign

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Super Hero Speak – #94: Erik Larsen

This week John and Dave sit down with the creator of Savage Dragon himself, Erik Larsen. They talk about how Erik got interested in comics and how he created Savage Dragon in the 4th grade! They also talk about his early influences and the evolution of Dragon. Finally they field some fan submitted questions, which included who was better Marvel or DC? And will we ever see a Spider/Savage Dragon cross over? Only if Disney buys Erik! So sit back and enjoy.


Erik’s website:

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#stumpthegeekspeak question of last week: Name 3 comic book artists that have done album covers and the albums .

Answer: Chris Bachalo Wu Massacre by the Wu Tang Clan

Todd Mcfarlane 10000 fist by Disturbed

David Finch/ Indestructible by Disturbed

And the winner is Briana Bailey! Congrats Briana, you are the geek of the week!

#stumpthegeekspeak question of the week: What is Peter Parker’s middle name?

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Where Monsters Dwell 257 with Brian Wood

WMD 257

A long time ago (This Wednesday at 8:30 EST), in a galaxy far, far away ( on your favourite comics radio show and podcast, we welcome Brian Wood to the Monster Cave. You know Brian’s writing work from such critically acclaimed creator owned series as DMZ, Northlanders, Demo, and Loca. Recently he has also been tackling some licensed properties like Conan, Star Wars and X-Men. He joins us to chat about all this and so much more so, if you have a question for Brian Wood, feel free to post it on our Facebook wall or give us a call at 506-453-4949.

Where Monsters Dwell is brought to you by Strange Adventures and Club Fred Grafx.

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