Feed It Comics #72 | The Fever for the Flavor of a Devil

daredevil netflix review

Welcome back! Apologies for the late episode; though it was recorded on Sunday, life had Doc in a head lock for a few days and it was difficult to get any editing done. Rest assured it is at least partially worth the wait.

Doc and Father Shepherd are chomping at the bit to review Netflix’s Daredevil series for you guys as they have both seen at least half of the episodes, so this time around you get a brief spoiler-free review after some news segments. Next week, they will spoil the HELL out of it, so make sure you watch it all! You’ve been given fair warning.

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ARP – 11 – Age of Ultron

Our first episode of 2014 is the Marvel crossover event titled the Age of Ultron. This was published in 2013 and involved the Avengers, time travel, and the sentient robot Ultron. Who will survive this indomitable foe? Tune in and find out. This is the dawning of the Age of Ultron.


Talking points



art style (20:16)

Events in the past (25:35)

The Final plan (35:46)

Fallout (39:35)

Death (45:49)

                – Lots of characters are killed

                                – Ultron attacks

                                – Alternate future

                                – Do we care that these characters die?

                                – B/C they die so quickly and easily, do we know that this reality will be fixed so that the character remains alive?




New futureDefenders team (54:28)




Ant Man (1:01:36)

Wolverine (1:11:41)


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ARP – S05 – City of Titans interview

We have a very special supplemental episode for you today. This is a first for our podcast. Dylan was able to coordinate and conduct an interview with several members of Missing Worlds Media who are currently running a kickstarter to fund a MMO game called City of Titans that they are developing.

The kickstarter ends Sunday November 3rd. Click on the picture below to help fund them:




The participants:

Dylan and John – Hosts

Chris ‘warcabbit’ Hare – Lead Developer, Missing Worlds Media

William Strickland – Lead Compositor, MWM

Sara Quinn – President, MWM

Nate Downes – Technical Director, MWM




Follow Missing World Media on Twitter – @mworldsmedia

You can also visit their website –  http://www.missingworldsmedia.com/

Also the game has a webpage – http://cityoftitans.com/

MWM is also on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/MissingWorldsMedia


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ARP – S05 – City of Titans interview.mp3


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Two True Freaks! Episode 272 – Andy and Scott (eventually) talk Star Trek


In what could almost be regarded as a precursor to the upcoming and momentous occasion of the “Hey, Kids! Comics!” Podcast  joining the “Two True Freaks! Network”, Scott sits down with Andrew Leyland for a little chit-chat (ostensibly) about Star Trek.  And (eventually) they actually (kinda, sorta) get around to that glorious subject!

Oh, and while listening you may want to keep in mind the old Klingon proverb — “it’s not the fall that gets you, it’s the sudden stop at the end”. 



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The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode 29-“Cosplay is bad for you!”


Episode #29 is available now-The Warhammer and TechJedi have a-not-too-deep discussion on the various aspects of costumes. It’s fun, irreverant, and filthy. Have at it.

Several inaccuracies have been sprinkled through the recording to see who gets pissy. See how many you can get!

Two True Freaks! Episode 71 – DragonCon Wrap-Up Show!!


For the first time in nearly 20 Years, Chris and Scott are together again! Sure you hear ’em together all the time, but now hear them as they sit side-by-side in the Scottcave and tell of their awesome experiences at DragonCon
!! Who did they meet? Who were they most impressed with? Who was cool? And who was a dick? Find out in this exciting “live” episode!!

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