Airship 27 Podcast #8: Onward and Upward!

Rob and Ron talk about the best Pulp Fest ever, Rob’s trip to River Con in Little Rock, their newest release, a pirate adventure, the latest on the giant anthology book and a look ahead to what titles are now in production.

Airship 27 Podcast #7: Heading to Pulpfest!

Ron and Rob talk about their newest title, updates on the big benefit book for Tommy Hancock, and of course, Pulpfest happening this weekend in Columbus.


Grawlix Bytes #2: O Comic Con 2015 and THE NEWS

Grawlix Bytes

Grawlix Bytes is back! This time Jesse goes full on nerd rant on some recent news stories including DC’s decision to run half-page ads. Then we are whisked over to this past weekend’s O Comic Con for an interview with super-friend Axton Kahler right from the con floor. Axton is the creator of the Zombie Oaks webcomic and always a delightful guest. Enjoy!

Full show notes and links:

Zombie Oaks Webcomic:

O Comic Con:


The Grawlix Podcast Links


Deconstructing Comics #427: International Comics Fest 2014, pt 2

Sunset after the festival
This week we wrap up Tim’s set of interviews from the floor of the International Manga Festival (Kaigai Manga Festa), held November 23 at Tokyo Big Sight. Highlights include familiar faces, a past DCP interview guest, sexy anime girls from France, poop from space, and more!

See photos and links below the jump…

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Zone 4 #255: New Classic

It’s “New Classic” as Cary Kelley and Frank Raynor make their official debut as full co-hosts along with John and Brant. Technical issues abound, just like classic Zone 4, and hilarity ensues. It’s a touch of RaynMan, free-flowing classic Zone 4, and our usual brand of insanity!

We discuss the Superbowl commercials, including the trailers for Amazing Spider-Man 2, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Transformers: Age of Extinction. And we break down a couple of lists we came across ranking the X-Men and Justice League.

Finally, the guys wrap things up with some announcements.

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This Week’s Links and Topics

Super Bowl Commercials

Top 95 X-Men

Top 50 Justice League Members

Dead Reckoning


Red Handed Studios

River City Comics Expo

Independent Creators Expo (I.C.E.)

Derby City Comic Con

Singularity: The Rise of the Posthumans

New Babel Books

Comic Frontline

Deconstructing Comics #377: International Comics Fest pt 1

TimOn October 20, Tim and Mulele visited the International Manga Festival (Kaigai Manga Festa) at Tokyo Big Sight. Comics creators from around the world were exhibiting their work to an enthusiastic mostly-Japanese crowd. This week: part one of our report.

Info on all the exhibitors we talk to in this episode is below!

Deconstructing Comics site

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Deconstructing Comics #337: Mulele, Jordan, and New York Comicon

Mulele is back from New York Comicon! While he can’t talk about what might have transpired in terms of getting work (which is a whole lot better than saying “nothing happened”!), he has plenty to say about the experience of being there & his impressions of the comics industry, how his thoughts about it changed, and about New York, the city.

While at the con, he ran into Jordan Kotebue, creator of Hominids, who Tim met at Emerald City 2011. Tim calls him up this week to catch up on his progress, including how our own critique of Hominids changed his approach to the comic.

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Comic Timing – Episode 132 : Comic Time(ing)!

Hey there folks! It’s Comic Time! This episode is just Ian and Brent talking about what they like reading now, Ian’s experience at the PAX East convention, and Digital Comics Galore!

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Long Box Review Episode 21: Looking Forward to Emerald City Comicon

March 30 – April 1, I will be in Seattle attending the 10th annual Emerald City Comicon. This episode we (Travis, a special guest, and I) discuss the con, why we’re so excited about it, and what we’re looking forward to.

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Deconstructing Comics #268: Emerald City 2011, pt 1!

Armed with an awesome press pass, Tim walks the floor of Seattle’s Emerald City Comicon! It’s his first time attending a con, and as everyone keeps telling him, for a first-con experience, you can’t beat Emerald City. As he gathers material for future episodes of this podcast, Tim collects quick interviews, with creators known and unknown! All the names and links are below the jump!

Tim’s Emerald City photo album on Facebook!

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Deconstructing Comics #265: Indy comics critiqued, con-going advice given

In the tradition of our Web comics critiques, this week Tim and Mulele pick out a few interesting stories from indy anthology comics sent to us by Mike Kloran.

From Supertalk #1 (at the bottom of the linked page):

From Rabid Rabbit #10:

Also, Tim asks Mulele for some con-going advice for his upcoming trip to Emerald City!

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Two True Freaks! Episode 119 – VIDEO PODCAST #1 – The Two True Freaks Do DragonCon!!


Well, here it is — The Two True Freaks’ very first VIDEO PODCAST!!

Seeing as how DragonCon 2010 is just around the corner, The Freaks decided it was time to FINALLY have their scandalous footage from last year’s DragonCon see the light of day. SEE AND HEAR the debauchery, the fury, the SPECTACLE which is DragonCon. SEE YOU THERE IN 2010!

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The MEanGeek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Epsiode #42-SoCoCon UNLEASHED!

The First Southern Connecticut Comic Con was a smash success and again we thank everyone involved, Cabo, Biggie, Danger, Silent, The Rev, yeah, and ME, TechJedi. THANKS ME!

This is a short warm up episode covering a few things we picked up early on, getting ready for hours of interviews. Special return cocohost Victor Warhammer appears! Have fun with it, Next week we bring the first of three interviews from attendee guests.

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Comic Timing – Episode 94

Episode 94 is up, covering all things SDCC with Jamal Igle, Angela from Two People Talking, and Brent Kossina. Oh, and Ian. Duh. More in-depth show-notes to follow.

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