Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 94 – Conan the Historian

An in depth history of Conan, an overview of King City, and the team share what they are thankful for in honor of Thanksgiving.

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 69.5 (3/4/09)

As requested, another episode with even more Fast Fives! This episode covers New Avengers #50 (Marvel), Savage Dragon #145 (Image), Conan The Cimmerian #8 (Dark Horse), Thunderbolts #129 (Marvel), and Blue Beetle #36 (DC).

Truly a jam-packed week for kick-ass comics!

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 64

Bloody good week for comics! Leading the pack, we have from Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis Green Lantern #37 (DC). Fast Five picks include Conan The Cimmerian #7 (Dark Horse), Doctor Doom And The Masters Of Evil #1 (Marvel), Battlefields: The Night Witches #3 (Dynamite Entertainment), Dark Avengers #1 (Marvel), and Air #6 (Vertigo).

The Sinister Six, Night Witches, and Hyperprax airships make this week awesome!