Completely Who Podcasts The Watchmen?

1) Welcome to Completely Comics: Is this a Watchmen episode where we have feedback or a feedback episode where we talk about the Watchmen/? You Decide… 2) Update with the guys Troy talks about ‘Sweepstaking’ information he learned from Will shares our Facebook campaign where we need 300 likes by the end of February. […]

Completely A Bonus Episode!

Last week Troy mentioned that one of his favorite authors has a novel that will be released as a graphic novel. This week we ‘borrow’ an episode of Scott Sigler’s weekly podcast ‘The Friday Fix’ where Scott and the Director of Doom celebrate the collaboration with IDW that will publish in summer 2012. Chris Ryall, […]

Completely Ho Ho Ho!

Welcome to Completely Comics Episode #36 Completely Ho Ho Ho! On this end of the year episode we talk about holidays past and present as well as fit in comic news and predictions! PBS is releasing a three part history special called “The Never Ending Battle”.  Tracing the impact of super heroes on our culture […]

Completely Free!

Welcome back to Completely Comics! This week we return to our regularly formatted show. We talk about our Free Comic Book Day experience, but we also spend time catching up on the events of our past week and Thor and The Cape and Flashpoint and considering our own mortality. Enjoy! 1) Welcome to Completely Comics […]

Completely Comics – Completely Award Winning!

On this episode Troy and Will talk about the 2011 Eisner Awards, Interesting facts about Thor and the Death of Spider-man. 1) Welcome to Completely Comics Episode 16 Completely Award Winning 2) Update with the guys Troy news B ‘n’ B ( The Completely Comics Phenomenon Will news Off the Grid Impact of Last Week’s […]

EPISODE 15 – Completely For Comic Book Beginners!

This week’s show features the usual lovable hosts sharing the past week in their lives. They share comic news and review a recent trip to their local comic shop. Then Troy talks about Captain America and Will shares his Muy Buenos. 1) Welcome to Completely Comics 2) Update with the guys Troy news 1. Troy […]