Xenozoic Xenophiles Episode 11

In Xenozoic Xenophiles Episode 11 we discuss Xenozoic Tales Issue #10 featuring two stories from writer and artist Mark Schultz. We also talk about our time at HeroesCon and Raleigh Supercon.


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Soundtrack Alley with Randy Andrews



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Trekker Talk Episode 18: Trial By Fire


In Trekker Talk Episode 18 we discuss Trial By Fire from the Trekker Special from Image Comics by creator, writer, and artist Ron Randall. We also share your feedback in Trekker Transmissions.

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Episode 38: “He’s Dead Jim” / Weird Science DC Comics Podcast


Jim and Eric continue the fun this week by discussing all the DC Comics and DC Comic News that two grown men can take.  Along the way, we all learn that their local comic book shop still sucks, Jim doesn’t really pay attention to the news and Eric has a lot of friends who all have ridiculous nicknames.  Jim also continues his nyquil addiction…but it’s all for the good of the podcast.  When they get to the books, they don’t agree as usual, but Jim does convince Eric that We are Robin wasn’t as bad as he first thought.  Jim:1 Eric: 0  Enjoy!

DC Comics Books Reviewed: Grayson #12, We are Robin #4, Batgirl #4, Gotham by Midnight #9, The Flash #44, Sinestro #15, Injustice: Year Four #21, Batman: Arkham Knight #32, He-Man and the Eternity War #10, Deathstroke #10 and Justice League 3001 #4

DC Comics News: Flamingo cast in Gotham, Court of the Owls Coming to Gotham, Checkmate added to Legends of Tomorrow, DC Comics owns the Batmobile

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Radio Free Asgard 97


After two weeks of sturm and drang, it’s time to have a little fun, Silver Age style! And we do that by looking at Thor #153 (June 1968), a Lee/Kirby classic that pits Thor in a knock-down drag-out with the insidious Loki on the streets of NYC! We see Irish cops! Sif has surgery! Karnilla macks on Balder! Odin wears his most cumbersome hat to date! And Ulik just falls down a hole.

Comic Book Road Show B Clay Moore

We are joined by critically acclaimed writer B Clay Moore to talk about his upcoming series coming out of DC JSA: THE LIBERTY FILES 2013 THE WHISTLING SKULL with art by Tony Harris. We also talk about his recent 3 part Batman story with art by BEN TEMPLESMITH- LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT. We also talk about his previous work on his on HAWAIIAN DICK and BATTLE HYMN. http://bclaymoore.com/ We are now on Stitcher Radio This podcast is sponsored by Friendly Neighborhood Comics http://friendlyneighborhoodcomics.com/ Discount Comic Book Services http://www.dcbservice.com/index.aspx Instock Trades http://www.instocktrades.com/ Join us on the forums at http://www.forumforgeeks.com http://thetaylornetwork.wordpress.com/ You can also join us on the Facebook group TaylorNetwork of podcasts

Radio Free Asgard 82

This week we have a mini-profile of artist Johnny Romita Jr. before embarking on our review of Thor #4, where we find out that Sedna is the stupidest goddess EVER, and Thor asks the Submariner out on a date!   Also, Santa Bondage!

Radio Free Asgard 80

We start out this week with a discussion of the Norse god Njord! We then have a mini profile of writer Dan Jurgens, before we return to 1998 for Thor #2! While the Avengers fight the Destroyer, Thor’s ghost gets into an argument with Hela…and who the hell is Marnot?



The Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #41

Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast

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Join the Green Lantern Spotlight gang as they discuss each and every “resurrected” DC Comics title in honor of Blackest Night. From what they hated to what they really loved, the gang cover it all. 8 issues worth of content, jam packed into one great podcast. Also, this happens to be the final episode of Colton “Mewzard” Clayton. We wish him well.

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Comic Couch Episoe #33


In This weeks episode we are leered at by all of the civilians in the comic shop who are wondering what the hell we are talking about. Reviewed this week are Final Crisis #6, Incognito #1, Amazing Spider-Man #583, and B.P.R.D. #1. We also read and answer some listener emails.
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