Randumb Idiocy Ep 63- Peering into the Future of the Comic Industry

Join James Ninness, Bon Alimagno and Monkey Brain Comics’ Chris Roberson as we peer into the future of the comic industry.

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The PKD Black Box #73: “The Komplicated Red Tails.”

Shawn and special guest Hannibal Tabu (komplicated.com) discuss the lack of Black comic book writers in the Big 2 comic publishers (Marvel and DC Comics), race in comics, the comics market, and the Black Super Hero Algorithm; then Shawn has a conversation with Joey Aulisio as they go in deep about Red Tails, the subject of race within the movie industry, and Haywire.

Enjoy, and rep for Philo.


The Black Hero Alogorithmhttp://www.komplicated.com/comics-the-black-hero-origin-algorithm.html
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