Sidekickcast Episode #56 – Marvel vs DC

Sidekickcast Episode #56 - Marvel vs DC

A break from the normal comic book banter this week as regular Sidekicks Gavin and Dan are joined by Steve from the mighty Comic Book Outsiders podcast for a special Marvel vs DC episode. Together, the boys critically analyze and compare and contrast the latest Marvel and DC movie offerings…or get drunk and talk bollocks about superhero films, which do you think is more likely? From Blade to X-Men: First Class, Batman to Green Lantern, no Marvel/DC movie is left untouched as the Sidekickcast trie to definitively answer the question; who makes the beeter comic book movie, Marvel or DC?
A special Secrets and Lies this week as Steve plays quizmaster to both the Sidekicks, just how will Gavin deal with being on the other side of some devious lies?
Don’t forget to listen past the outro music for some good, clean, out-takes.

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