Longbox Review 132: Breaking Late News – March 2018

Podcast 132: Breaking Late News – March 2018

Travis (https://www.youtube.com/user/oddfellowsthoughts) joins the pod to discuss various comic book news (mostly from DC, Marvel, and Image) from the last month or so.

Please excuse the audio. I somehow forgot to use the better microphone.

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X-Men Monday Episode 23: Do You Believe In Magik?

Estimated sales, news, and comic book reviews, you name it. Ryan and Allen are discussing it all on this week’s episode. You’ve probably noticed your local comic shop still has stacks of Marvel Legacy variants, there’s a reason why. Rob comes on and the guys break down Rob’s October sales summary for the X-titles. Rob and Anthony also sit in a couple books this week. Plus some Fastball Tweets from the episode thread. Ryan and Allen have a stacked show for you this week. Thanks for listening!

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ComicsVerse Weekly Comics News Episode 2

Welcome back! We’re on Episode #2 of the Weekly Comics News Show — an (obviously) weekly program that brings you the latest in comic book news, releases, and more. Host Patrick Aloia and his guest hosts (this week — Kay Honda) will scour through releases and news stories every week to get you exactly what you need to be up to date in the world of comics.

Miss last week’s episode of the “Weekly Comic News Show?” Check it out here!

This week we’re featuring stories on STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE comic release, the app HOOPLA, and Marvel’s MONSTERS UNLEASHED. The ROGUE ONE comic is set to add more to the ROGUE ONE story, the HOOPLA app is going to have DC REBIRTH comics available for reading, and the highly anticipated Marvel event MONSTERS UNLEASHED is finally coming out.

For DC, we’re also talking about RAVEN #5, which is just as excellent as the rest of Marv Wolfman’s series has been, BATMAN #15 which will continue to explore the relationship between Batman and Cat Woman. For Marvel, we have IRON MAN #3 and the final issue of Genndy Tartakovsky’s CAGE. For Image, Sean Lewis’ THE FEW has us very excited, along with Ed Brubaker’s KILL OR BE KILLED, THEY’RE NOT LIKE US #13, and more. We’ll also talk about Valiant’s HARBINGER RENEGADES #3, and IDW’s REVOLUTIONARIES.

Want more Kay? Check out her interview with Simon Graves at Flame Con last year!

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ComicsVerse Comic Book News Show Episode 1

ComicsVerse presents the Weekly Comics News Show — a weekly program bringing you the latest in comic book news, releases, and more. Host Patrick Aloia and his guest hosts (this week — Lilie Le Prevost) will scour through releases and news stories every week to get you exactly what you need to be up to date in the world of comics.

What was Rhode Island Comic Con like in 2016? Here’s our wrap-up video!

This week we’re featuring stories on CBLDF’s release statement, and a big surprise in YOUNG JUSTICE. CBLDF’s statement on Simon & Schuster’s decision to publish Milo Yiannopoulos’ memoir is largely non-committal but also admonishing of efforts to protest the book. YOUNG JUSTICE’s co-creator Greg Weisman confirmed that a character in the DC cartoon series is LGBT.

Want more Lilie? Duh! We all do! She interviewed Tim Jones at Rhode Island Comic Con this year!

For new releases, we’re featuring Marvel’s INHUMANS vs X-MEN, which is on their third issue (#2 since they started with #0) where things start to come to a head between the X-Men and the Inhumans as they fight for survival. And for DC, we’re featuring ALL-STAR BATMAN, which begins a new storyline featuring Mr. Freeze, which proves to be as fun as you’d expect. The featured Image release is the highly anticipated GOD COUNTRY, which has a big sword, which is good and important. We’ll also talk about Darkhorse, BOOM! Studios, and IDW.

Lilie kicks ass at this Bob Camp interview at this year’s Rhode Island Comic Con!

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Feed It Comics #72 | The Fever for the Flavor of a Devil

daredevil netflix review

Welcome back! Apologies for the late episode; though it was recorded on Sunday, life had Doc in a head lock for a few days and it was difficult to get any editing done. Rest assured it is at least partially worth the wait.

Doc and Father Shepherd are chomping at the bit to review Netflix’s Daredevil series for you guys as they have both seen at least half of the episodes, so this time around you get a brief spoiler-free review after some news segments. Next week, they will spoil the HELL out of it, so make sure you watch it all! You’ve been given fair warning.

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Longbox Review Episode 72: Breaking Late News: SDCC 2014

This episode we discuss the news coming out of the 2014 Comic-Con International in San Diego.

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Long Box Review Episode 18: Breaking Late News

In this news-filled episode, we talk about:

  • The new DC logos
  • Artists & writer changes at DC
  • The lovely covers to Earth-2 and World’s Finest
  • Before Watchmen
  • Marvel vs Gary Friedrich
  • Rozum vs McDaniel
  • Comic Book Men
  • DC Nation on Cartoon Network debuting March 3!!!

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Around Comics Ep. 162 – Alex Ross

Around Comics welcomes comics superstar Alex Ross. Listen in for details on new projects including SUPERPOWERS from Dynamite and the Avengers/Invaders series coming out from Marvel. Hear Alex’s thoughts on characters like Green Lantern, Wally West, Batman, Aquaman and more. Find out what goes into designing and redesigning classic golden age costumes, and why Challenge of the Superfriends is still cool. Sal keeps us up to date in Wire2Wire Comics News and the Quiet! Panelologists At Work chaps continue their A to Z of British comics. Jeremy Mullins covers Web comics and Will Pfeiffer runs down his top DVDs of 2007. Tom’s Answer Man segment clears up some past questions then tackles Constantine. We also get you ready for the week ahead with new collected and single issue releases.

Happy New Year!

02:28 – Alex Ross
47:14 – Wire2Wire Comics News
52:58 – Answer Man
59:29 – A to Z British Comics – http://panelologists.com/
01:03:28 – Pfeifer on DVDs – http://willpfeifer.com/
01:07:14 – Web Comics – http://www.drewweing.com/
01:10:08 – New Collected Releases – http://www.collectedcomicslibrary.com/
01:14:33 – New Single Issue Releases

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