Comics Alternative Kickstarter: Swan Song: The Musical Anthology

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Going Out with a Song

For this week’s Kickstarter spotlight, Derek focuses on Swan Song: The Musical Anthology, a campaign underway from Cloudscape Comics. Discussing this project with him are Jeffrey Ellis and Oliver McTavish-Wisden, the assistant director/founder and the executive director, respectively, of the small Vancouver publisher and collective. Swan Song is an anthology including contributions from a wide variety of (mostly) British Columbia-based creators, all of which engage with music in one way or another.

Swan Song will feature a cover by Renee Nault, and creative contributions from:

This campaign will end on Saturday, December 9, so be sure to visit the Swan Song Kickstarter page and back this campaign!

UPDATE SINCE THE RECORDING: Oliver and Jeff have now included a support level for a soft-cover edition of Swan Song!

Sample Art

from “With My Hand on My Head” by Yashaswi Kesanakurthy & Annalise Jensen

from “Shaman-Hop” by Oliver McTavish-Wisden and Patrick Wong

from “Pier Music” by Sfé R. Monster

from “Tegan and Sara” by James Brandi