Deconstructing Comics #456: Dakota McFadzean: What’s eating him?

Don't Get EatenThe daily strips on Dakota McFadzean‘s site are darkly humorous, or sometimes just dark. (Folks gets eaten!) On this week’s show, Dakota talks about how doing daily strips has helped him as an artist, surviving Cartoonist Boot Camp at the Center for Cartoon Studies, why kids stop drawing at a certain age (and why we should encourage them not to stop!), and more.

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Brian Joines

Sticking It to Steven Spielberg…Yeah!

JoinesOn The Comics Alternative‘s first interview of 2014, Gene and Derek are joined by Brian Joines, the writer of the recent comic book series I.M.A.G.I.N.E. Agents (BOOM! Studios) and Krampus (Image Comics). They talk with Brian about how great 2013 was for him, the genesis of his new titles, his apparent fascination with the darker side of childhood, why devil-like holiday figures make good copy, his collaborations JoinesComicswith Bachan and Dean Kotz, the hazards of self-publishing, and the sickeningly sweet and sinister connections between Steven Spielberg and sugar plum fairies. Brian points out, as well, that he’s not a defiler of childhood memories, and that kids should stay in school, not do drugs, and follow their creative imaginations.

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Comic Book Pitt Special #8 – Ricky’s Comics

tom skinner up from harlem

Listen to this episode.

So the Duke and I recorded this kick-ass review episode last week spotlighting a bunch of new comics like Haunt, Spider Woman, Planetary, etc. We even had this great conversation about The Walking Dead, the conclusion to the ‘Fear The Hunters’ storyline and whether I was going to continue collecting the series.

Shortly after we recorded that episode, I accidentally recorded another episode, this special episode, right over it.

For the story behind “Ricky’s Comics”, you’ll have to listen, but if you want to see some of what was in said collection, click here.

(Oh, in case you’re wondering, I’m done with The Walking Dead.)

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