Arc Reactions – 24 – TMNT – City At War

In preparation for the new Michael Bay movie, we decided to cover a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle story. We settled on City at War which takes place after the Shredder has been killed by Leonardo. Will the Turtles be able to survive the aftermath? Come along with us as we watch the characters grow as individuals and a team.

TMNT master 1 copy

Talking Points



Casey Jones characterization (26:06)

A middle story (35:46)


Turtles get the opportunity to team up with The Foot and end their conflict for good, but at what cost (42:27)

The conflict of Bushido honor and loyalty with an increasingly complicated set of circumstances. (55:21)

Leo’s motivation to kill Shredder’s elite guard (complicated) (1:03:53)
Violent but not gorry? (1:07:17)


Turtles have to learn to operate as a team without their mentor Splinter (1:12:23)

Rat King (1:13:18)


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Today we also released our movie review for Guardians of the Galaxy. Join us next week for the TMNT movie.


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