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Shoulder Fists and Time Vampires

Andy and Derek are glad to have as their guest Josh Bayer. He is one of the creative minds behind Fantagrahic’s new retro-superhero series, All Time Comics. This line kicked off in March with its first issue, All Time Comics: Crime Destroyer #1, and in April they’ll release All Time Comics: Bullwhip #1, soon to be followed by issues devoted to other characters in its universe, Atlas and Blind Justice. Josh talks with the Two Guys about the genesis of this project and his collaboration with his filmmaker brother, Samuel. He also shares his experiences in working with Herb Trimpe on the Crime Destroyer issue — the last art by this comics legend — and with Ben Marra, who provides the inks. The latter also provided the pencils on Bullwhip, along with Al Milgrom on inks. Over the course of their conversation, the guys discuss the strange retro feel of the series, one that is more of a heartfelt and sincere tribute and not a campy send up. Nonetheless, All Time Comics already has its share of wacky villains, including The Misogynist, Raingod, and the Time Vampire. Derek and Andy also talk with Josh about his recent efforts to support the ACLU and Planned Parenthood in light of recent political events, taking a cue from Sarah Glidden…and then going even further.

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Death and the Acrid Smell of Gunsmoke: The Jonah Hex Podcast – Episode 3


Scott H. Gardner goes solo for the latest, exciting, NEW weekly program from the “Two True Freaks!” network of fine internet radio shows!

Presenting —

“Death and the Acrid Smell of Gunsmoke” — The Jonah Hex Podcast

In this third episode, Scott takes an in-depth look at the second appearance of Jonah Hex in the pages of ‘All-Star Western #11’!!

What is “The Hundred Dollar Deal“? Will it make Jonah Hex… or DESTROY him?

Listen to find out as we continue exploring the weird and thrilling tales of the baddest bad-ass bounty hunter ever to roam the Old West…

Jonah Woodson Hex!!



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Two True Freaks! Episode 86 – The World Of Indiana Jones


In this MASSIVE episode, the freaks are joined by Josh Baker and Michael Bailey as they talk about all things Indy! All four movies, video games, comics, music, toys, books it’s all crammed in here! This podcast simulates the Indiana Jones experience so well that you will swear you are being dragged on your belly behind a speeding truck!

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