Comic Book Central – Episode #182: Dana Delany

Stop the presses! Here’s a headline for you: Lois Lane is in the Lair! Emmy-winning actress Dana Delany stops by to talk about her work in the DC Animated Universe, as well as Moonlighting, Magnum, and MUCH more!
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Alternate Reality – Episode 355


Alternate Reality – Episode #355

YO JOE!!! It’s back to movies for us and the good folks at Definitive Geek as we cross the podcasting streams once again to bring a new movie review.  This time we chat with the fine fellows of the great frozen north about GI Joe Retaliation, the new installment in the GI Joe franchise staring such big names as The Rock and Bruce Willis.  Find why the guys loved this installment so much better that the fist, well except for Darren who, for whatever reason, never found any problems with the first one.  Anyway a rocking good time was had by all and by the end of the review the conversation had devolved into “What were the best GI Joe toys, and which ones did you have?”  You can’t miss this.  Hoorah!!!


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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Geeky Talky – Episode 35


In this double-feature episode, I’m joined by Art (Television Division) to talk about RED, then Pat Loika (Dial-R Studios) to talk about Jackass 3D. Spoilers!

The PKD Black Box – Episode #34: Rocky and Clubber Lang join The Delta Force.

There are plenty of punches, kicks, gunshots, explosions, montages and body counts delivered when Matinee Idles host Matt Burden stops by to discuss with Shawn some of their favorite 80’s Action Movies of all time! The PKD Black Box/Matinee Idles collabo month continues. Get ready!

Matt is still waiting on for his screenplay of Lethal Weapon Jr. to be adapted into a live-action film. If WB is interested, he’s all ears. 😉 Enjoy the show.


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