Radio Free Asgard 293

This week we have a look at the final chapter in our current storyline, as we cover The Mighty Thor #198! Odin is dead! Or is he? Thor fights the Mangog! Volstagg plays water-boy! Hogun finds an interesting way to use his mace, and Sif runs into someone with a very large head! Face front, true believers!

Radio Free Asgard 292

While you all are enjoying Thor’s throwdown with the Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok, we look this week at The Mighty Thor #196 from back in 1972, where the Thunder God faces not one, but TWO big bads, including Kartag the Caretaker and …the Mangog! Guest starring invisible walls, polka-dotted mist, and Captain Birdseye!

Radio Free Asgard 269

We continue our coverage this week of Hercules Unbound with issue #2! Hercules and Kevin face off against Cerebus! No, not the aardvark. The less interesting character with the blue dogs. This issue contains cruelty to animals, a bad British stereotype, Hercules mixing up his mythologies, and more! Don’t miss it!

Radio Free Asgard 268

This week, we move on to something new (for us, anyway) as we cover the first issue of the old DC Comics series, “Hercules Unbound”!

It’s Hercules vs. a variety of antagonists, including Magenta Hulk, weird octopuses, the lackeys of Ares: God of War! Plus, we learn how to survive a nuclear war!

Radio Free Asgard 251


This week we carry on with our Skrull-tastic coverage of Hercules: Prince of Power #2 (1984)! This issue has a lot of fighting, a dude with a metal doggie helmet, Skyppi takes a bath, Zeus gets homicidal, and the Recorder falls down! Excelsior!

Radio Free Asgard 219


This week it’s Thor vs. Odin in Thor #187!! Sif cockblocks Balder! Karnilla and Loki team up! The Warriors Three make an appearance! All this, and a giant vice! Don’t miss it!

Radio Free Asgard 218


The Silent One leads Thor astray, as Odin fights Infinity in Thor #186! There is much sword unsheathing, hammer handling, and other unseemly activities! Plus, the Warriors Three are possessed by Klaus Janson! Nuff said!

Radio Free Asgard 217


It’s back to the World Beyond this week as we cover Thor #185! Drama-queen Thor gets covered in lavender spooge while Odin yells at Infinity! The return of the Warriors Three! Plus, some guys with a telescope! Don’t miss out!

Radio Free Asgard 215


This week Odin travels to infinity and beyond…sort of…. Loki attacks Asgard! The Warriors 3 do some probing! We see Odin’s magical BBQ grill, and Manuel’s lamp makes an appearance! All in Thor #184!

Radio Free Asgard 214


What do Dr. Blake pretending to be a mole, a greedy Frenchman, and Dr. Doom all have in common? They’re all in Thor #183, of course, which we cover this week!

Radio Free Asgard 213


This issue we go back to the comics’ bronze age with Thor #182 from 1970! Odin rocks the rainbow! Sif channels her inner Shatner! Thor talks to himself! Dr. Doom guest-stars! Plus… pneumatic trees!

Radio Free Asgard 175


Out with the old and in with the new, as we enter Thor’s Bronze Age with Thor #180, courtesy of Stan Lee & Neal Adams! As Thor/Loki runs amok in New York, Sif and the Warriors Three enter into HADES!! to rescue the Loki-fied thunder god, while Odin has his brooding time! Excelsior!