Comics Alternative, Webcomics: Reviews of Theatrics, The Monster Under the Bed, and Demonology 101

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Monster Cheesecake

Time Codes:

  • 00:01:27 – Introduction
  • 00:04:11 – Listener mail!
  • 00:12:12 – Theatrics
  • 00:40:55 – The Monster Under the Bed
  • 00:58:11 – Checking in with Jim McClain and Paul Schultz
  • 01:16:17 – Demonology 101
  • 01:41:47 – Wrap up
  • 01:43:19 – Contact us


For their last webcomics episode of 2016, Sean and Derek discuss three titles that were completely new to both of them. They begin with Theatrics, Neil Gibson’s period drama set in 1920s New York. With art by Leonardo Gonzales and Jan Wijngaaard on colors, Theatrics is the story of popular Broadway actor who must find another line of work after he’s physically disfigured due to a brutal mugging. Next, they turn to Brandon Shane’s The Monster Under the Bed, a Romeo and Juliet-inspired romance between human and monster. As the guys point out, the art style has an all-age or “innocent” feel to it, but Shane’s penchant for occasional nudity and cheesecake illustration may not be to all readers’ liking. And then Derek and Sean wrap up with Faith Erin Hicks’s Demonology 101. This is a very early work from a creator who has been making quite a name for herself in print — e.g., Friends with Boys, Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, and The Nameless City — and the guys focus not only on the story, but on the webcomic as a touchstone of Hick’s artistic growth.

The Two Guys also check in with Jim McClain and Paul Schultz about their soon-to-be-launched webcomics, Poe and the Mysteriads…although Paul is unable to join in due to a winter cold. Nonetheless, Jim catches the guys up on what has been happening with the webcomic’s development, including new art and the creators’ various plans for their January 1st debut. Be sure to check in at the first of the new year at And visit their Facebook page for more details!